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How to earn TOGAF Certification

The Open Group's IT architecture framework certification means you know how to build enterprise applications from the ground up.

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As a vendor- and technology-neutral consortium, The Open Group's vision of Boundaryless Information FlowTM enables access to integrated information, within and among enterprises, based on open standards and global interoperability. A key component in achieving this vision is The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF for short.

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TOGAF is a detailed methodology and a set of supporting tools for developing an enterprise architecture and may be freely used by any organization wishing to develop an enterprise architecture for use within that organization.

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TOGAF was developed by The Open Group's own members, working within the Architecture Forum, who's broader goal is to enable businesses to achieve the right balance between IT effectiveness and business innovation. The original development of TOGAF Version 1 in 1995 was based on the Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management (TAFIM), developed by the U.S. Department of Defense. The U.S. Department of Defense gave The Open Group encouragement to create TOGAF by donating TAFIM, which itself was the result of many years of development effort and many millions of dollars of U.S. government investment.

Starting from this sound foundation, the members of The Open Group's Architecture Forum have developed successive versions of TOGAF and published each one on The Open Group's public web site. To date, over 12,000 copies of the TOGAF framework & methodology have been downloaded, and over 1,200 practitioners have been TOGAF certified.

TOGAF enables IT architects to design, evaluate, and build the right architecture for their organization, and reduces the costs of planning, designing, and implementing architectures based on open systems solutions.

TOGAF in its Enterprise edition remains what it has always been, namely an architectural framework - a set of methods and tools for developing a broad range of different IT architectures. The key to TOGAF remains a reliable, practical method, know as the TOGAF Architecture Development Method, for defining business needs and developing an architecture that meets those needs, while utilizing the elements of TOGAF and other architectural assets available to the organization.

A number of enterprise architecture frameworks already exist and are widely recognized, each of which has its particular advantages and disadvantages, and relevance, for enterprise architecture. However, TOGAF is the only open standard method for developing an enterprise architecture. The Open Group's goal with TOGAF has always been making the TOGAF architecture development method an open standard method, which is neutral towards tools and technologies. It can be used with any recognized enterprise framework, such as the Zachman Framework, FEAF, TEAF, and C4ISR/DoD Framework, that the architect feels is appropriate for a particular architecture.