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Best Certs: Dueling Lists of Wireless Networking Credentials

What happens when you take two lists of the top wireless networking certs and compare them? The clash of connectivity credentials offers fresh insight into a red-hot IT skills boom.

Wireless networking concept hotspots on a cityscapeWhile I was trolling for material for this week’s post, I stumbled across a March 21 article at by Ahmed Badr titled Five top certifications to get you involved in wireless networking.


This excited my curiosity because Mary Kyle and I wrote a similar article for Tom’s IT Pro back on Sept. 12 of last year titled Best Wireless Networking Certifications for 2017. In particular I was interested to see where we overlapped, and where we differed. Here’s the skinny:


Ahmed Badr’s Top 5:


● CCNA Wireless
● CCNP Wireless
● Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA)


Ed & Mary’s Top 5:


● CCNA Wireless
● CCNP Wireless
● SANS GAWN: GIAC Accessing & Auditing Wireless Networks


More Picks from Ed & Mary Outside the Top 5:


● Rest of CWNA program
● CompTIA Network+
● iNARTE Wireless Device Certification Professional (WCDP)
● ISECOM OSTMM Wireless Security Expert (OWSE)
● Brocade
● Alcatel-Lucent
● Extreme Networks
● CCIE Wireless


The overlap falls primarily in two key areas, which really go straight to the nub of wireless certifications: the Certified Wireless Networking Professional program, and Cisco’s wireless certification track, which spans from CCNA to CCNP to CCIE.


These two programs truly represent the most focused and widely followed sets of wireless certifications. But where CWNP is catholic in its coverage of wireless technologies (and worth pursuing for business environments that mix’n’match vendors and platforms, as so many organizations do), Cisco is focused on its own technology offerings (and worth pursuing for those who want to work within its broad, but not all-encompassing embrace).


Thus it’s no surprise at all that we and Badr both focused in on the CCNA Wireless and CCNP Wireless in our respective Top 5 selections. I’m just glad that we also included the CCIE Wireless in our overall coverage (Badr did not).