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CompTIA and Burning Glass Magnify Cybersec Employment Openings

The hue and cry about the need for trained IT security professionals is not much ado about nothing. Seeing the actual numbers via the new Cyber Seek tool provides some sobering perspective.

When I go trolling for blog fodder, IT industry association CompTIA’s press releases always come in for review. I don’t often find something usable there, but every now and then they come up with a real doozy.


The results of their emerging partnership with analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies and the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) is one such whopper. I couldn’t help but notice that on Nov. 29 and 30, CompTIA dropped 6 press releases about IT security job openings.


Ed T Figure 1 12 9 2016

Source: Cyber Seek home page


The flurry of releases highlighted large numbers of cybersecurity jobs in the following states, on a one-press-release-per-state basis: Colorado, Illinois, Florida, California, New York, and Texas.


Quick perusal of boiler plate for a couple of these items led me to the Cyber Seek heat map, and the realization that knowing where the jobs are is a tool that interested IT practitioners and aspiring IT professionals can put to good use.


Here’s a different way to understand the heat map shown, where the darker the blue, the more cybersecurity jobs a state has to offer:


Jobs Available Qualifying US States
Fewer than 670 Alaska, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Mississippi, Vermont, Maine
670-1.3K South Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, West Virginia, Delaware, New Hampshire
1.3K-2.2K Hawaii, Nevada, Nebraska, Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Rhode Island
2.2K-3.9K Utah, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina
3.9K-8.7K Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, Connecticut
8.7K-12.7K Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Carolina
12.7K-45K California, Texas, Illinois, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida