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GoCertify Is Leaving on a Jet Plane

It's going to be a little bit quieter around these parts for the next handful of days while the GoCertify operations team is traveling around the world.

GoCertify is off having the adventure of a lifetime!Unlike in the song, we do know when we'll be back again. Thanks to our extremely generous ownership, the GoCertify operations team is headed out on a 10-day adventure to Thailand. Sort of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We're excited. It will be fun. We'll send you a postcard.


We aren't planning to leave you with nothing, of course. Like the proverbial theatrical production, and also Celine Dion's heart at the end of Titanic, GoCertify must go on (and on). So here's what you can expect to encounter in our neck of the woods while the team is away.


Thursday, Nov. 8 — [No new content]

Friday, Nov. 9 — Ed Tittel checks in.

Monday, Nov. 12 — [No new content]

Tuesday, Nov. 13 — Free Practice Quiz

Wednesday, Nov. 14 — [No new content]

Thursday, Nov. 15 — Free Practice Quiz

Friday, Nov. 16 — Ed Tittel checks in.

Monday, Nov. 19 — Normal operations resume.


See? We'll be back before you know it. You'll hardly miss us. You won't even know we've been gone. Thanks to everyone who makes GoCertify a part of their day. If we didn't have all of you out there visiting the site each day, then we'd probably never get to do something like this. We really do appreciate all of the IT professionals and aspiring IT professionals who are part of the GoCertify family.


See you on the other side!