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GoCertify Looks Back: Our Second 10 Most Popular Certification Watch Newsletters of 2020

The new year is nearly here and we've been recapping our way through 2020. Next up: our most popular Certification Watch newsletters, Part 2.

What are the most popular Certification Watch newsletters of 2020?This week we're going back to the well of popular Certification Watch newsletters. As previously noted in this space, there were almost 50 Certification Watch newsletters this year. We rattled off the 10 most popular editions already.


Without further ado, here are nos. 11-20 on our countdown of the Most Popular Certification Watch newsletters of 2020:


11) Certification Watch: Vol. 23, No. 1 (Jan. 8, 2020) — Random quotation: "There are way more than 75 IT certifications out there. Like, a ton more. Certification Magazine included more than 900 different IT certifications in its most recent Salary Survey, and that's after considerably shortening the listings for some of the larger and more labyrinthine IT certification programs, like those at IBM and Oracle."


12) Certification Watch: Vol. 23, No. 3 (Jan. 22, 2020) — Random quotation: "Most successful corporations aren't actively assisting their employees with the task of skilling up and finding better jobs somewhere else. Fast food megalith McDonald's, on the other hand, probably has a healthier pipeline of incoming talent than most."


13) Certification Watch: Vol. 23, No. 22 (June 3, 2020) — Random quotation: "We tend to think of job titles like "web designer" and "web developer" when we envision the user-facing sector of the average website and, to be sure, people in those roles certainly play a part in creating the things that the average surfer clicks on or interfaces with."


14) Certification Watch: Vol. 23, No. 13 (April 1, 2020) — Random quotation: "Show of hands, how many people reading these words have been doing some or all of their day job from home since early-to-mid-March? Some certified IT professionals already have a great deal of experience with such conditions."


15) Certification Watch: Vol. 23, No. 7 (Feb. 19, 2020) — Random quotation: "A whole lot of people who don't actually work in IT jobs use a computer every day. So it stands to reason that many, if not most people who do IT thing for a living, either at IT companies or in IT-focused roles in non-tech workplaces, probably also use a desktop or laptop computer to do their jobs."


16) Certification Watch: Vol. 23, No. 17 (April 29, 2020) — Random quotation: "Who among us hasn't wished for a moment when we could blow someone over backwards with the smooth assurance of Bill Murray's casual put-down to John Rothman, 'Back off man, I'm a scientist,' in Ghostbusters?"


17) Certification Watch: Vol. 23, No. 34 (Aug. 26, 2020) — Random quotation: "As the Year of the Pandemic rolls on, Microsoft Ignite, an annual conference for developers and tech professionals, will join a myriad of other IT professional gatherings that will be happening (or have already happened) only virtually."


18) Certification Watch: Vol. 23, No. 20 (May 20, 2020) — Random quotation: "Most people probably don't associate IT certification with being "tough." If there's one profession in IT that has some roguish elan to it, on the other hand, then it's probably the line of work pursued by so-called "ethical" hackers."


19) Certification Watch: Vol. 23, No. 33 (Aug. 19, 2020) — Random quotation: "An interesting cul-de-sac (or maybe it's a branching thoroughfare) on the road to automation is the continued growth of "low-code" and "no-code" software development. It takes thousands upon thousands of lines of code to create and operate even a simple software application."


20) Certification Watch: Vol. 23, No. 49 (Dec. 9, 2020) — Random quotation: "A security operations center (SOC) is the sort of thing that most of us believe or know is really out there, even though most of us have probably never actually seen one. It's a base of operations from which skilled cybersecurity professionals contront and turn back cybersecurity attacks, protecting a business, a government agency, a bank, or whatever organization the SOC is attached to."