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GoCertify Looks Back: Our Second 10 Most Popular Certification Watch Newsletters of 2021

The new year is nearly here! That means it's time to reflect on everything we've accomplished in 2021. Next up: our most popular Certification Watch newsletters, Part 2.

GoCertify toots our own horn! Here are some more of our most popular CW newsletters of 2021.As our 2021 retrospective rolls forth, we're going back to the well of popular Certification Watch newsletters. As previously noted in this space, there were almost 50 Certification Watch newsletters this year. We rattled off the 10 most popular editions already.


Without further ado, lets cruise through from 11 to 20 on our countdown of the Most Popular Certification Watch newsletters of 2020:


11) Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 3 (Jan. 20, 2021) — Random quotation: "President Harry S. Truman apparently once said that the only thing better than cake is more cake — does the same hold true for certifications? You be the judge."


12) Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 10 (March 10, 2021) — Random quotation: "Lest you suppose that IT auditors are the most eagerly sought of all IT professionals, a new post to the Insights blog of IT employment facilitator Dice deliver up a heaping helping of "au contraire" on Monday. Dice blogger Nick Kolakowski, citing data from tech employment analytics firm Burning Glass, says that IT project management is the most hotly demanded tech skill on the market, outpacing SQL fluency, software development acumen, knowledge of Java, and even software engineering know-how."


13) Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 23 (June 9, 2021) — Random quotation: "As noted celestial physicist Steve Perry once put it, 'The wheel in the sky keeps on turning.' Seasons pass, children grow up, the half-eaten jay of mayo that you forgot was in the back of the fridge becomes a laboratory experiment. The world of IT certification and, more specifically, the niche in that realm occupied by tech industry association CompTIA, is no different."


14) Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 35 (Sept. 1, 2021) — Random quotation: "Everyone whose life touches information technology (IT) or the IT industry has been affected by a breakdown in cybersecurity. You may be thinking, "Huh, I haven't been affected," but you're almost certainly wrong — even if you don't know it yet."


15) Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 37 (Sept. 15, 2021) — Random quotation: "Computer networking is an essential element of IT infrastructure and the importance of networking is likely to remain high over the foreseeable future. If you want to have a high-demand skill that will keep you employable, then Network+ is a fine stepping stone to enter the IT realm."


16) Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 45 (Nov. 10, 2021) — Random quotation: "There's a great deal of discussion in IT certification circles about whether IT certifications or academic degrees are more valuable to the professional pursuit of IT. The topic is often presented as an either/or proposition, with commentators typically choosing and arguing the merits of one side above the other."


17) Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 13 (March 31, 2021) — Random quotation: "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Tech industry association CompTIA knows. Well, sort of. We're not implying that CompTIA is like The Shadow, able to suss out the dark desires of lawbreakers and bring them to justice."


18) Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 17 (April 28, 2021) — Random quotation: "As workplaces all over the world shifted from a familiar in-person arrangement to a less readily recognizable work-from-home configuration during the past year, a lot of computer hardware and software was required to accommodate all of the changes. Some of that IT infrastructure was no doubt already in place, but much of it, particularly at the server level, likely had to be upgraded or purchased and configured from scratch."


19) Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 26 (June 30, 2021) — Random quotation: "It's frequently observed of IT certification that gaining knowledge, developing skills, and eventually passing a certification exam is a process best tackled in stages. There's a prevailing wisdom of eating the whale one bite at a time, to use a common metaphor. The latest fount that this wisdom is flowing from is the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and IT governance association ISACA."


20) Certification Watch: Vol. 24, Issue 38 (Sept. 22, 2021) — Random quotation: "Among all of the norms jarred out of complacency by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most consequential for IT professionals has been the shift to working at home for some or all of their regular work schedules. It hasn't been an easy or simple transition for many."