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GoCertify Observes the Memorial Day (U.S.) Holiday

The GoCertify offices are closed today, May 31, in observance of the U.S. holiday Memorial Day. We didn't want to just walk away, however, and leave you with nothing until Tuesday.

John A. Logan was a powerful advocate for the creation of a Memorial Day holiday.Today is Memorial Day here in the United States. It’s a federal holiday, so the GoCertify home office is closed until Tuesday. Memorial Day honors the American citizens, both men and women, who died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. It is spiritually akin to Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11), which honors all Armed Forces members, including those who did not die while serving.


We’ll return to our regular schedule of operations tomorrow. Until then, why not enjoy this Memorial Day-themed quiz? This year's quiz commemorates John A. Logan, a U.S. military leader and politician whose advocacy was perhaps the largest contributing factor to the establishment of a national Memorial Day holiday. Logan himself ended up being widely commemorated both by place names and official monuments.


1) Which two wars did John Logan participate in?


2) What was the nickname given to John Logan by the soldiers under his command?


3) How many total years did John Logan represent the state of Illinois as a member Congress?


4) His membership in which military societies gave John Logan a high profile platform from which to advocate for the creation of a holiday to honor U.S. soldiers who died in battle?


5) What year did John Logan issue a proclamation calling for a national observance of Memorial Day in the United States?


6) What long-serving politician did Logan formally support by becoming his running mate and vice presidential nominee during the 1884 U.S. presidential election?


7) Where are the two most prominent statues that commemorate John Logan's war service?


8) Where are the two elementary schools named after John Logan?


9) Where was the original function of the now-decommissioned Camp Logan near Zion, Ill.?


10) Which four U.S. states have counties named after John Logan?


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