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Happy Final Day of National Cyber Security Awareness Month



"Mendax" helped delay the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis in 1989.1) Mendax was an early alias of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.


2) The program created to remove Creeper was called Reaper. Set a Reaper to catch a Creeper.


3) Stuxnet was first identified and reported by the Belarusian cybersecurity firm VirusBlokADA in June 2010.


4) Brain, a boot sector virus also called Lahore, Pakistani, and Pakistani flu, was the first virus designed to attack the popular IBM PC.


5) The AIDS Trojan, which requested $189 (sent to a P.O. box in Panama) in exchange for a decryption program, appeared in December 1989. It was hidden on disks mailed to subscribers of PC Business World magazine.


6) The aptly-named Anna Kournikova virus, created by Dutch programmer Jan de Wit and propagated via e-mail, promised recipients a sexy picture of popular tennis professional Kournikova.


7) The Michelangelo virus, a bug of unknown origin, gained fame when security researcher John McAfee predicted that it might potentially infect as many as 5 million computers. Michelangelo stays dormant on an infected PC until activating on March 6, birthday of the famed creator of the statue of Old Testament hero David, as well as the biblical fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.


8) That suggestively tempting invitation was the calling card of the Melissa virus, which first appeared in 1999. Creator David L. Smith said that he named Melissa after an exotic dancer from Florida.


9) The “Duqu” malware, first identified Sept. 1, 2011, is named for the prefix “~DQ.”


10) That legendary feat of cyber-daring was accomplished by (completely fictitious) hacker Stanley Jobson, played by Hugh Jackman in the 2001 movie Swordfish.