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Happy Thanksgiving from Your Friends at GoCertify

GoCertify is taking Thursday off in observance of Thanksgiving. But we didn't want to leave you with nothing: Enjoy our festive quiz!

Happy Thanksgiving from GoCertify!Here at the GoCertify world headquarters, we're taking the day off in observance of the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Because we're nice people, however, we aren't about to just walk away and let the site go dark.


To help all our readers, both in the United States and elsewhere, learn a little bit more about Thanksgiving and some of the things connected to it, we've prepared a festive quiz. Test your knowledge, and then go have some turkey and mashed potatoes.


NOTE: Normal operations will resume with Ed Tittel's regular column on Friday.


1) What is the date of the first national Thanksgiving Day holiday observed in the United States?


2) Who was the first Native American tribesman to contact the Pilgrims after they established Plymouth Colony in present-day Massachusetts?


3) Which team won the first Dallas Cowboys football game played on Thanksgiving Day, and who was the opponent?


4) Which came first, Turkey the country, or turkey the bird?


5) As of 2017, what was the average spending per U.S. household on Thanksgiving dinner?


6) How many of the five highest-grossing movies ever to open over Thanksgiving weekend were released by the Walt Disney Company?


7) What is America’s most popular pie?


8) Who was the first U.S. President to formally pardon a turkey?


9) How many Americans will travel during the Thanksgiving holiday this year?


10) How many people attended the first Thanksgiving feast at Plymouth Colony in 1621?


See Page 2 for answers!