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Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) Gets Two New Tracks

Computer guy getting big data certThese courses convey the current collection of best practices, processes and methods for creating and maintaining websites.


Across all these topic areas, Microsoft’s goal is to “provide job-ready skills in technical domains of the greatest demand,” as Boyd’s blog post puts it. The FAQ page covers this in a bit more detail:


“Recognizing a shortage of qualified individuals to fill the growing need for specific job roles, Microsoft Professional Program is a new way to learn the skills and get the hands-on experience these roles require. After passing all courses in the track and completing a final project, individuals earn a digitally sharable, résumé-worthy credential that confirms mastery of these functional and technical skills.”


Thus, the impetus for MPP is acquisition of high-demand skills that includes ample access to hands-on experience to motivate and informs learning, along with a credential “that confirms mastery of … functional and technical skills.” Where MPP is general and subject-matter focused, Microsoft certifications retain an exclusive focus on Microsoft tools and technologies.


As the FAQ puts it in comparing the two sets of offerings: “Microsoft Certifications tend to be more about validating technical skills for people using specific Microsoft technology. The MPP is more about helping to close the skills gap by teaching conceptual skills alongside technical ones on a variety of technologies.”


That’s why MS is careful to position MPP and Microsoft Certs as complementary and not competitive.


This is a terrific and valuable set of offerings, and worth checking into. Be sure to visit the MPP home page and investigate their offerings. The only costs involved in earning an MPP are the certificate costs for the edX courses one must take to meet MPP requirements.


For most tracks, that means a pretty hefty credential for under $1,000. Most MPP certifications involve 8 to 12 courses, including a project-oriented capstone at the conclusion, with course costs averaging U.S. $50-60 apiece (prices do vary with currency and geography).



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