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Microsoft Turns Over New Certification Leaf in 2017

What's on the horizon for Microsoft's much-streamlined and reshaped certification regime? Well, it's like Shakespeare once said about a rose by any other name ...

Big newsWhen I heard in mid-December from Larry Kaye, Microsoft Learning’s Senior Business Strategy Manager, that the company would lay out its 2017 certification requirements and information before the year’s end I was jazzed. When I confirmed with him the week before Christmas that the changes were still pending, my excitement level jumped still further.


But alas, the updates — which I discovered on Monday (Dec. 26), following the Christmas weekend — fall something short of sensational. It’s OK, and good information, but nothing revealed adds up to major modifications, or dramatic revelations.


The 10,000 Foot View for What’s New and Different


The big news hit earlier this year, when Microsoft Learning announced the pending retirement of most of its MCSE and MCSD credentials on March 31, 2017. Affected credentials are as follows:




To remain available after March 31:


MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure
MCSE: Mobility
MCSE: Data Management and Analytics
MCSE: Productivity


No longer available after March 31:


MCSE: Server Infrastructure
MCSE: Private Cloud
MCSE: Enterprise Devices and Apps
MCSE: Data Platform
MCSE: Business Intelligence
MCSE: Messaging
MCSE: Communication
MCSE: SharePoint


For the items that remain available after the end of next March, the following language now appears in the lead-in section on each one’s home page “For 2017, this MCSE certification can be earned as follows ...”


Also, more hitherto unavailable exams are starting to show up in various elective exams sections, though most slates are not yet fully complete. I only included links to the persisting credentials in the preceding lists.