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Network Development Group (NDG) Offers Online Learning and Labs

When good technology is readily available and reasonably priced, it might just become ubiquitous. This is on the way to becoming true for the Network Development Group.

Online learning concept laptop tablet books headphonesWhen a company builds good technology it can create a commanding market presence by doing two things. First, it needs to keep reinvesting in its tools and platforms, to keep up with the relentless pace of change and development of ever newer and snazzier stuff.


Second, it needs to make it easy and affordable for other companies and organizations to buy into its vision and products. It also needs to enable those business partners to deliver compelling content and capability by using its platforms and tools.


The Network Development Group, which goes by its initials NDG, makes an excellent case in point. Let me explain…


What Does NGD Offer to Companies? To Learners/End-Users?


NDG isn’t exactly a mega-corporation: Online profiles indicate that the company is privately held, based in Durham, North Carolina, and operates at a single location. Founded in 1999 with 5 employees, and now boasting revenues of less than $1 million per year, it’s not exactly a colossus or powerhouse.


The company offers two basic product sets:


NDG Online: This ia a platform for online learning delivery focused on cultivating and developing IT professionals. Content elements offered on the platform include coursebooks, lab exercises, and a variety of assessments (to gauge readiness to learn, absorption of material, readiness for testing, and so forth). Interestingly, NDG uses what they call a “practice as you read” approach to learning, so that learners read a little, then practice a little, and repeat that cycle indefinitely.


NETLAB+ VE: This is a remote access online environment for academic institutions that hosts virtual machines along with various curriculum content elements. This environment provides all the software necessary for students to schedule and complete lab exercises related to IT courses and training. Implementations include a virtual appliance that targets VMware vSphere, as well as physical hardware versions.


Simply put, NETLAB+ provides the infrastructure and access necessary to hook students up with hands-on labs and learning, anywhere they have an internet connection and a system capable of windowing its way into the runtime environment (a laptop PC or better is recommended; YMMV with smaller mobile devices).