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How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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Professional Social Networking Cuts Both Ways

When you put yourself out there on employment networks such as LinkedIn, Beyond, and so forth, you’re not just establishing a professional profile and presence. You’re also opening yourself up to recruiters.

Your Path to Microsoft Azure Employment

Microsoft is steadily gaining ground in the cloud services market with its Azure cloud platform and related services. The door to a bright and secure IT employment future is open to anyone with sound Azure skills.

U.S. Jobs: September Stats Show Return of Slow Growth Mode

Job growth slowed down in September, but positive adjustments bumped up the new jobs totals recorded for July and August.

Making Sense of the Great Cisco Certification Shakeout, Part 1

Cisco Systems is making sweeping changes to its certification program, whacking a flotilla of credentials and moving to a simpler certification scheme across the board.

Checking In from Spiceworld with the 2020 State of IT Report

The Spiceworks IT industry collective recently gathered in Austin, Texas, for its annual Spiceworld industry convention. Austin's (and GoCertify's) own Ed Tittel weighs in on the proceedings.

Six Tips to Help You Nail Your Next IT Job Interview

You can't become a big success at your next IT job until you actually get that job. Hiring managers are the gatekeepers standing between you and your next big IT thing. Here's how to impress them every time.

Microsoft Learning Offers Many Avenues to IT Education

The team at Microsoft Learning is on a mission to help aspiring IT professionals learn about Microsoft technologies and prepare for certification exams. They have a lot of different tools to accomplish this.

Single-Serving Certifications: Still More One-Off Responses to the CertMag Salary Survey

Certification Magazine hands off some data leftovers from its annual Salary Survey. We pop them in the microwave.

Look Out World! Here Comes Wi-Fi6 (aka 802.11ax)

The latest, fastest, and much-touted version of wireless networking, known as Wi-Fi6 or 802.11ax, reached the product certification stage this past Monday. That means it's now possible to buy tested, certified gear that’s Wi-Fi6 compliant.

Ethical Hacking: Should You Certify, or Learn By Doing?

Cybersecurity skills are in high demand, and ethical hacking skills are some of the most sought-after cybersecurity skills. So what's the best way to become a skilled and successful ethical hacker?

IAPP Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) Revamp Coming in 2020

The current version of the CIPT exam goes out of circulation on Dec. 31. A new exam is coming, but won't be ready until spring of next year.

Six Tips to Help You Pass Your Next Certification Exam

You should never just walk into a testing center and take a certification exam. Take time to prepare beforehand and you'll be far more likely to successfully pass the exam.

U.S. Jobs: August Numbers = Grey Clouds with No Silver Lining

The total number of jobs added for August is low, and July and June number both got knocked down to boot. Is there a storm on the horizon?

Happy Labor Day from the GoCertify Team

GoCertify is "closed" for Labor Day, but we didn't want to leave our loyal visitors with nothing to do. As usual, we have a holiday quiz.

Rebuilding Modern Organizations for Security's Sake

A new survey of CISOs suggests that there's no simple solution to the problems posed for businesses and other groups by ever-escalating cybersecurity risks.

Crack the Code: Getting Started in Computer Programming, Part 2

There's lots of opportunity for skilled computer programmers. Aaron Axline examines what it takes to launch a programming career.