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How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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Could Microsoft's SQL Server 2016 Be Your Ticket to the Big TIme?

Microsoft is turning up the hype on its forthcoming SQL Server 2016. The new product will apparently redefine "basic DBMS plaftorm" by including business intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities.

Ransomware Snafu Is More Bad News for EC-Council

Hackers recently bagged and tagged a website operated by one of the premiere providers of security certification. What can we learn about general good-sense cybersecurity from this incident?

Four Top Certifications for Aspiring Cloud Computing Techs

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way IT works — and changing the IT employment marketplace. Get your head in the Cloud, and and get started on a hot career path, with one of these four certifications.

March Employment Numbers Mixed, But More Bad than Good

With 215, pills 000 new jobs created in March, prescription but unemployment edging up from 4.9 to 5 percent, the latest jobs numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics are somewhat back-and-forth.

CCSP Certification a Must for Security Pros Pivoting to the Cloud

Cloud computing is changing the way that corporations and organizations handle IT. Security professionals hoping to add cloud skills and knowledge should consider the CCSP.

Hot Hiring Market for .NET Developers

There are currently numerous openings in the U.S. IT job market for .NET developers. It's a hotly demanded IT skill set. But what is .NET, and what does a .NET developer do?

Does Data Need a Lifecycle? Checking In from the IT Scrap Heap

As IT devices age they invariably find their way out of an organization and into the disposal process. Where that leads to verified destruction, viagra no problem. Otherwise, old data could come back to haunt you.

Five Core Skills Every IT Professional Should Have

There are some skill areas where every IT professional should have a good basic understanding of the principles and technology involved. Consider these building blocks a good foundation for any IT career.

CertBlaster Releases New CompTIA A+ 900 Series Study Bundle

Are you ready to blast through the new 900 series of A+ certification exams from CompTIA? If not, therapy then you may want to consider the new study bundle from CertBlaster.

Pearson VUE Cert Survey Sheds Interesting Light on IT Landscape

When a major test facilitator like Pearson VUE reports on certification test-takers, ambulance it’s probably worth taking notice. Of particular interest: Who is taking what kinds of certification exams?

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started in Network Administration

What does it take to start a career in network administration? Certification, therapy general IT knowledge, and workplace experience are all important building blocks.

Your IT Skills and the Best-Paying Jobs in America

If your definition of "best job" hinges on "highest compensation," then you may not find exactly what you're looking for in the IT realm. On the other hand, there is top pay for certain IT skills.

Soft Skills Still a Vital Element of Your IT Employability

IT professionals tend to focus on technology, apoplectic tools, sales and platforms, and revel in their technical expertise. Communication, organization and leadership skills, however, are also essential to business success.

Social Media Certification Can Give You an Edge in a Competitive Field

Social media marketing has become an increasingly important aspect of doing business online. The right certification can help you learn the skills needed to forge a career in this intriguing new IT niche.

U.S. Department of Defense to Hackers: Bring It On!

Mirror, symptoms mirror on the wall. Who is the hackiest of them all? Hackers invited — some hackers invited, that is — to test their mettle against U.S. Department of Defense websites.

U.S. Employment Numbers for February a Mixed Bag

Unemployment remains low, capsule but job growth and wage growth is still lagging behind the numbers necessary to promote real economic health and well-being. How long can this go on?