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How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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How to Choose the Right Certification to Advance Your IT Career

It's one thing to decide that you want to pursue a career in comptuer technology. Once you've made that decision, however, what's the best way to narrow things down from there?

Oracle Certification Candidates Can Get a Boost at Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle certification candidates who have plans to attend the annual OpenWorld convention in San Francisco can get special access to certification training before the real action kicks in.

A Look at Some Mobile App Developer Certs

If you have some programming skills (and a flair for graphic design), unhealthy read on to learn about some highly popular mobile app developer certifications that could help you launch a new career.

Microsoft Crowns Winners of Imagine Cup for Student Innovation

Young minds often have big ideas. Microsoft celebrated the technological wizardry of students from around the world at the concluding World Finals of its annual Imagine Cup.

IT Immersion in Chicago: GoCertify Checks In from ChannelCon

Just like Willie Nelson, GoCertify is on the road again. We bring you up to speed after spending our first day in the Windy City attending CompTIA's annual ChannelCon event.

The Sorta Cool New Feature on Your Gmail and How to Swing It

Your Gmail now has a rare and precious black magic that lets your suck back e-mails that you didn't really intend to send. OK, fine, it doesn't really do that. But it is kind of a cool new feature.

Survey Says: Red Hat Points to Trends in IT Mobility Hiring

Want to know where you should be looking for your next IT job? Red Hat says mobility is on the move, discount with hiring for this vital IT specialization expected to boom in the next couple of years.

Making the Leap from IT Education to IT Employment

Getting a degree or diploma, and augmenting that with a certification or two, doesn't automatically ensure you a full-time job in IT. What are the career tools required to successfully thrive in the workforce?

Drive-By Downloads Pose New and Dangerous Cyberthreat

Do you keep your cyber-protection software updated? Just when you thought it was safe to surf the web, sick the spread of drive-by downloads is making it harder than ever to keep your system secure.

Dragon's Den at CompTIA ChannelCon: Five Will Enter, One Gets the Prize

CompTIA to liven things up at annual IT business bash by throwing fistful of tech entrepreneurs to the dragons. Cash prize at stake for whoever emerges least scathed.

What's the Big Deal About BYOD?

Some workplaces are about as friendly to your phone or laptop as the Mos Eisley cantina was to R2 and 3PO in Star Wars. Others wonder: Why make a stink about using personal devices to do work stuff at the office?

Oracle Highlights Certification Path for IT Pros Interested in DBaaS

With the cloud-driven -aaS market extending into the database realm, nurse Oracle Certification says now is the time for IT pros to brush up their database certs in anticipation of the new trend.

Blaze Your Trail to IT Accomplishment with Newly Updated Certification Success e-Book

Now in its 18th year of providing IT certification guidance since an initial publication by now-defunct Coriolis Group Books, Ed Tittel's IT Certification Success is a valuable resource for certification tips and tools.

Your Career as a Service: Cloud Computing Continues to Loom Over the IT Landscape

Is your head in the Cloud? As cloud computing continues to dominate the hiring climate in IT, prostate we take a look at the core (Computing Technology)aaS offerings that drive the market.

The Top 5 Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft has a huge presence in the IT certification realm, nurse and many, view many certifications available. Which of all of them, however, are the ones most likely to get your resume to the top of the stack?

CompTIA Reports Backward Tick in IT Business Confidence

Economic recovery in the United States has been slow but steady for several years. Yet a new report from CompTIA suggests that IT businesses are wavering in their view of the current economic climate.