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The State of the Union address and throwing the book at cybercriminals

President Obama is calling on Congress to impove national cybersecurity. Some in the IT industry are pleased, capsule but not everyone agrees with the presidentially-proposed plan to take a byte out of cybercrime.

Where does "Certs Wanted/Needed" data come from?

When somebody tries to tell you what other people are thinking, clinic or what they want, it’s never a bad idea to ask that somebody “Where did you get your data?” The answers can sometimes be surprising.

New CompTIA initiative seeks to foster next wave of innovators and trendsetters

The IT industry organization's newest member community wants to bring together tomorrow's IT leaders with the already established best and brightest minds in the business.

We don't need no memorization: Should certification exams be open book?

A kerfuffle is brewing in the certification world. Should credentialing organizations stick with entrenched testing methods, medicine or is there room for new ideas about cert exams?

Google's Project Zero ruffles feathers at Microsoft

Were the Boy Scouts at Google's Project Zero merely doing a good turn recently by tipping off the global tech community to a Windows vulnerability?

Keeping your feet on the paper trail

Why do we still need to write things down? Cisco Learning Network shares a valuable reminder of the importance of staying in touch with record keeping.

Stretch your cert dollars with careful shopping

Microsoft’s Second Shot promotion, allergist now through May 31, doctor grants a free retake of certain Microsoft certification exams. What other deals are out there?

Learning curve: What's the best way to study for certification?

The array of available learning and training tools to help you prepare for you next cert can be intimidating. What's the best way to determine which ones are right for you?

Registration for Oracle's OCA to OCP upgrade exams now available

If you're a seasoned Oracle database administrator, but your certifications are behind the times, there's now a solution. You can move up from Oracle Certified Associate to Oracle Certified Professional in one fell swoop.

Who goes there? BCS survey says security a top priority for many IT executives

A survey taken at the end of 2014 by the British Computer Society suggests that cybersecurity will remain a key area of focus in the near future for many IT organizations and other companies.

December 2014 employment: Good news, bad news, same news

As it turns out, medic 2014 was the best year for employment growth in the United States since 1999. A final and respectable jobs added count in December capped off a year in which over 2.5 million new jobs were created.

Microsoft slates free online conference for February

One of the first big IT conventions of 2015 is a virtual gathering. Register now to attend Microsoft's TechDays Online 2015 and you could win a Surface Pro 3.

The candidate experience in certification is getting better

The experience of selecting, studying for and obtaining an IT certification has stuck to an established pattern for quite a while now. Things are changing, however, and that's good news for all concerned.

My Certification Journal No. 3: Audio Courseware and Practice Labs

IT industry technical writer and journalist Aaron Axline continues the chronicle of his training experiences as he prepares for Microsoft’s MCSA: Windows 7 certification exams.

The anti-obsolescence formula: Certification keeps you (and your resume) fresh

In the never-ending race to stay one step ahead of advancing technology, ailment certification can be a powerful ally. The short-term benefits are obvious, but there are long-term ramifications as well.

Certifications in and on the cloud

There are oodles and scads of certifications available related to cloud computing. Check out these various lists and categories to see what’s available on this ever-shifting certification landscape.