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Youth served again: 12-year-old earns CompTIA certification

Are professional IT certifications child's play? On the heels of widespread reporting about a 5-year-old earning a Microsoft Windows 8 cert, another youngster has now entered the ranks of the world's certified tech pros.

The once and future CertGuard used to fill a vital role in the certification industry by warning candidates away from poisonous prep materials like brain dumps. So where did it go? And is it ever coming back? Cert guru Ed Tittle investigates.

2014 Rewind: The year's top IT certification stories

Where were you when CompTIA announced the millionth individual to earn its cornerstone A+ credential? OK, maybe these aren't walk-on-the-Moon level happenings, but they still rocked our world in 2014.

Have you written an app today? The Hour of Code is here

Hey! Teacher! Teach those kids some code. The Code-mander in Chief and others support the annual initiative to get kids excited about computer programming and comptuer science.

LinkedIn expands one-click certification validation pilot program

Got certification? Professional networking website LinkedIn is making it easier than ever for members to demonstrate the breadth of their IT fluency by displaying their credentials online.

Digital Marketing Institute raises profile through new partnership with Pearson VUE

How much do you know about digital marketing? Would you like to know more? The new partnership between Digital Marketing Institute and Pearson VUE will expand DMI's penetration into global markets.

Speakers sought for annual (ISC)² cybersecurity conference

The annual CyberSecureGov conference stresses the need for increased attention to cybersecurity at all levels of government. Next year's event will be held in May in Washington, D.C.

Employment numbers jump nicely, probably thanks to the holiday shopping season

The economy is adding jobs, but the long-term outlook isn't much better than it's been for a while now. So is continued "slow growth" mode good news or bad?

Safe shopping! CompTIA issues list of tips for making holiday purchases online

Silver bells are ringing, but the shoppers don't rush home down city streets with their purchases any more. CompTIA has a list of reminders for safe shopping online.

Computerworld ranks Top 10 tech skills for 2015

It's (still) a great time to be an application developer, but some of the other hot IT skills for 2015 may surprise you. Cloud and virtualization expertise, for example, is not a Top 10 skill.

Where have all the tech workers gone? (Trick question)

Is there a potentially crippling shortage of skilled IT professionals in the United States and elsewhere? Researchers have a different answer than the one that you may be accustomed to hearing.

ISACA offers virtual cloud security conference Dec. 9

It's after midnight: Do you know where your ones and zeros are? ISACA's free virtual conference can help your enterprise determine whether its vital data is safe and secure in the cloud.

Hey! Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals apply to certification prep, too

Everybody knows that you have to get up at zero dark thirty and go stand in line for the latest technology the day after Thanksgiving. But you can also find occasional but very good deals on cert prep materials this time of year, medicine too.

GoCertify gives thanks for our amazing readership

Happy Holidays to everyone seeking certification, pills and a big thanks for making us part of your IT certification adventure.

ISACA Risk/Reward Barometer assesses attitudes about wearable tech, other IT security challenges

What's in your wallet? Or around your wrist? Or clipped to your belt? As the boom in wearable technology continues to make waves among consumers, businesses may be getting more risk than they bargained for.

MCPreschooler? Why Microsoft shouldn't be certifying 5-year-olds

Everybody loves a child genius, like the prodigy who just passed his first MCP exam at age 5. Is anyone being helped, on the other hand, when a professional IT certification becomes a matter of child's play?