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Computer Certification Articles

How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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FAQs About HP ExpertONE Certification

GoCertify does a little Q&A with Hewlett-Packard about the new ExpertONE certification program.

CompTIA Certifications Get an Expiration Date

If you hold a CompTIA certification and are a little bit pleased that it will never expire, ambulance sorry to burst your bubble, but it may be getting close to doing just that.

Certified Professional Interview: Jessica Jolly, CAPM

After working for the same employer for 23 years, order sale | Jessica Jolly suddenly found herself dusting off her resume and looking for a way to freshen it up. She came to looking for ideas, and we were happy to help.

New Names for Sun Certifications Under Oracle

With the merger of Sun certifications into the Oracle certification program, ailment all Sun certifications for Java, Solaris, MySQL, and Open Office have been renamed under the Oracle brand.

CIW Certification Program 2010 Restructuring Explained

A restructuring of the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) program in 2010 expands entry-level certification opportunties for Web designers and developers but leaves a bit of a vacuum at the top.

Microsoft Discontinues Certified Architect Solutions and Infrastructure Certifications

Microsoft is bowing out of the broad-based IT architect certification arena and passing the baton to vendor-neutral, pills nonprofit organizations such as The Open Group and the International Association of Software Architects (IASA).

Virtual Labs for Computer Certification Training

More and more, buy cialis colleges that offer on-campus computer technology courses feel the demand to offer them online too, ailment but how can they still provide students with the hands-on training that is crucial to success? Welcome to the virtual lab.

Self-Study Beliefs That Just Aren't True

If you're going to get certified, chances are there is going to be quite a bit of self-study involved. Don't let these common study myths throw you off track before you've really begun.

Interview: Denise Donohue, CCIE No. 9566, Coauthor of Numerous CCNP and CCIE Certification Study Tools

Author Denise Donohue is an absolute expert on the demanding and in-demand Cisco certifications, adiposity earning her own coveted CCIE back in 2002 and reaping the benefits ever since.

CWTS Certification Study Guide Author Interview with Tom Carpenter

Thinking of getting into wireless? The entry-level CWTS certification may be the way to go, link and this book can help you get it.

Test Taking Strategies

Cut test stress down to size with these techniques that will make any exam session less nerve-wracking and more successful.

Four Things You Need to Know about Upgrading Your Skills in a Down Economy

Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a global survey of 1, denture 500 IT hiring managers across ten countries. The findings: There is a critical demand for a highly trained IT talent worldwide.

A Profession of Morality: Certified Ethical Hacker

It's no secret that security is a top concern for organizations that utilize the Internet or VPNs, often for mission critical functions, but identifying the right person to help secure a network is no simple task. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification can help make it easier.

Empowered by Certification

From managing networks to teaching and writing and to becoming a project management expert, certification has been Joseph Phillips' constant companion.

Oracle Global Team Leader for Certification Test Development Walks the Walk

Can certification really boost your career? DBA Trainer and Oracle expert Joel Goodman says yes and shares how certification has helped him achieve career success.

Certification Learning At Conferences And Trade Shows

Conferences and trade shows are a great source of certification information and training. Find out how to get the most benefit from the next one you attend.