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How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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Epic Certification Could Help You Settle Into Healthcare IT

Epic is a company that makes medical records database software. It's not easy to get certified to use their product, but it could certainly be worth your while.

Cisco Seeks to Reinvent Tech Ed and Skills Development with New SaaS Platform

With the launch of the Cisco Collaborative Knowledge (CCK), order the uber-networking company seeks to define and occupy a new niche in the virtual landscape.

GoCertify Darkens the Door of RSA Conference 2015 in San Francisco

The hours blurred together as GoCertify roamed the halls of the industry's leading IT security event in San Francisco. We rubbed elbows with security shills and got a jolt of inspiration from a true life hero.

The Five Worst IT Jobs in India

Most fields of professional endeavor have jobs that everybody tries to avoid. IT has them too, discount and while some are probably the same no matter where you work, others more place-specific.

Take a Bite of Apple Hardware Support by Becoming an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician

Beneath the marketing wizardry, Apple products are made up of regular old 21st-century computer technology. The kind that, yes, requires repair and servicing. Did you know there's a cert for that?

Book It: Get a Qualifying Microsoft Cert by June 30 and Microsoft Press Will Double Your Pleasure

For those who are either planning or pondering about tackling an MCP exam on or before June 30, here's some added incentive: Pass your qualifying exam, and you'll get a free e-book.

Can Microsoft's New Spartan Atone for the Sins of Internet Explorer?

Microsoft used to have the hottest browser in the game. Now Internet Explorer is preparing to shuffle off this mortal coil and make way for new web-browsing blood.

CompTIA Offers a Hand to Small or Mid-Size IT Firms That Need to Lawyer Up

It's a jungle out there, legalistically speaking, and IT firms are right in the thick of it. A special service launched by CompTIA earlier this year offers a legal lifeline to small companies with limited resources.

Advance Your IT Career with CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

Four years ago, CompTIA released CASP to build on its well-established Security+ brand. With a new CASP exam arriving later this year, it's a good time to ask: What can CASP certification do for you?

Courseware Review: Pluralsight IT Learning Materials Are Versatile and Engaging

IT training provider Pluralsight has a lot to offer — more than 3,000 training courses. Sheer quantity, however, isn't only thing that's impressive about their courseware.

MongoDB Has a Funny Name and a Couple of Hot Certifications

It has a funny name, but MongoDB could be a serious career goldmine. If you enjoy working with databases and database technology, then you may want to take a look at MongoDB's two professional credentials.

The Best Piece of Job Search Advice — Ever — for IT Professionals and Others

Who are the people in your (professional) neighborhood? And what can they do to help you find gainful employment? Approaching these contacts the right way can be critically important to landing your next big opportunity.

CCNA Security: Make It Yours and Jump Into the Next Frontier of IT Networking

As the push toward the Internet of Everything picks up steam, Cisco's CCNA Security certification is becoming increasingly popular. Adding it to your resume could be your ticket to a job with an exciting future.

Application Lifecycle Management: A Catch-All Cert for the Fearless Developer

What is an application "lifecycle?" It could be a way for you to get a top-paying IT job. Take a look inside this hotly demanded skill set, ed and the Microsoft certification that will help you master it.

There's a Linux certification for everyone

Once you've gotten your head around the OS that geeks love (and normal folks mostly associate with a penguin), where can Linux take your IT career? Certification is a good place to begin your Linux journey.

True Tech Confessions: I Bought a Used Computer and Then I Had to Linux

There are lots of Linux distributions out there. Recent employment reports suggest that the time is now to pick a Linux — any Linux — and find out what it can do.