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How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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Practice Labs: Make One Yourself, or Buy from Someone Else?

Many certification exams have a hands-on lab component that requires exam candidates to practically apply their knowledge. What's the best way to prepare for such a "live fire" exercise?

Seasonal Shoppers: Give the Gift of Certification!

'Tis the season of holiday giving. A certification discount could help you give your loved one the gift of a better future, but that's not the only way to spread the certification love.

These Rock-Solid Certifications Will Keep On Keeping On in 2016

Nothing lasts forever, sale cheap especially in the fast-evolving IT realm. Certain IT credentials, medstore on the other hand, are just as relevant today as 10 years ago. What are the certs with the most staying power?

Red Hat Certification Still Pursuing Performance-Based Path

Many, denture if not most, site certification programs still use exams largely or wholly fueled by multiple-choice questions. Red Hat, however, has long marched to the beat of a different drummer.

Support Computer Science Week and the Hour of Code

The future of computer technology is in the hands of the next generation. All next week, viagra different groups will band together to encourage those bright young minds to embrace IT.

Latest U.S. Jobs Report Indicates Waning IT Employment

November’s U.S. employment numbers aren’t terribly bad, but they aren’t terribly good, either. Ed Tittel says his suspicions about last month's jump in the numbers have been borne out.

Which Is Best for IT: Certifications or a University Degree?

Whether a college degree or a steady diet of certs offers better preparation for a career in IT is an ongoing discussion. Some universities are changing the equation by offering their own certifications.

Continuing Opportunities in Big Data for IT Pros

Companies everywhere have been stockpiling data for decades. The push to unlock ever more of the secrets held in those digital caches is keeping demand for Big Data skills high.

GoCertify is Thankful for Everyone Who Reads This

GoCertify gives thanks for the tremendous support of our loyal users. Here's to greater knowledge, stronger skill sets, and better employment, now and in 2016.

Measuring the Impact of Windows 10 Mobile on Microsoft Certification

The release of Windows 10 Mobile, generic ed the new OS for Microsoft smartphones, is quickly approaching. What will be its impact on the thriving suite of Windows certifications?

Plenty of Life Left in the Shrinking Home PC Market

Sales of personal computers for home and personal use have dwindled in recent years, ed while tablets, phones and other alternatives gain in popularity. Does the PC still have a place?

Cisco Aims to Future Proof Certs Through 'Evolving Technologies'

Cisco is adapting its top-level certifications — without fundamentally changing them — to incorporate new technological innovations that are reshaping the face of IT.

Certification Magazine Rewards Salary Survey Participants with Free Digital Subscription

Do you like IT certification? Are you employed in an IT job? Have you ever been curious about IT salaries? The annual Certification Magazine Salary Survey brings it all together.

Study Up for New Security+ with More Than 400 Practice Questions from CertBlaster

The demand for cybersecurity certifications is booming, and few are more respected than CompTIA's popular Security+. CertBlaster can help you tackle the brand new revised Security+ exam.

More Opportunities for Cybersecurity Employment Than You Might Think

CompTIA says human error is a leading contributor to security breaches. The need for complete IT security staffing and full security training for all personnel has never been greater.

Five Certs to Put You on the Path to Project Management

Are you looking for a career path that welcomes problem solvers who have a take-charge mentality? A certification can trigger your promising pursuit of professional project management.