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Computer Certification Articles

How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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Interview: Peter Gregory, Author of SCSA r for Solaris 8 Study Guide

Getting ready for the Solaris System Administrator certification? Peter Gregory offers the insight, generic advice, and technical details you need to pass the exams on your first try.

Microsoft Cancels Demise of NT MCSE

About to be de-certified MCSEs rejoice - your certified status is safe!

Novell's 2000 Master CNE of the Year is a Multi-Certified Wonder

It all started with a computer technician job in 1992. Now, he's CEO of his own company...and a strong proponent of the IT certifications that helped him achieve his goals.

Interview: Chris and Margaret Minnick, CIW E-commerce Designer Certification Bible

E-commerce is a hot topic, treatment and authors Chris and Margaret Minnick have chosen the CIW - E-commerce exam (part of the CIW Designer track) as the subject of their new book, CIW E-commerce Designer Certification Bible.

Certified Professional Interview: From Auto Mechanic to Internetworking Ace

Can certification really be used to change careers, pharm boost income, and increase professional satisfaction? Certified professional Ron Anthony says YES!

Certification Leads to Role as Author, Trainer

Read how one woman used Microsoft certification to create a new career path.

Leverage Your Learning Style

Once you identify and understand your personal learning preferences, site learning will become quicker and more enjoyable.

Certification: Is it worth your time?

Getting certified can raise your salary, thumb increase your responsibility, and make your IT job more satisfying.

Totally Free Certification Training

Few of us can stroll in and take a certification exam cold, cough with no prep work, prescription and walk out with a passing score. But you can get prepped without breaking the bank - if you know where to find the best free resources.

Getting certified--who foots the bill?

For IT staff members, bronchi paying for IT certification can be a challenge. But with the resulting employer, employee, and even vendor benefits, can you afford not to test yourself?

Test your knowledge with practice exams

Practice tests can help you prepare for and ace certification exams.

Online Certification: Is it Right for You?

Pros and cons of IT certifications that can be earned online versus through proctored testing.

Cisco Certification Overview

Unless you've spent the last 10 years trapped in a wiring closet you've heard of certification and its value as a career tool for IT professionals, but do you really understand what is and how you can use it to boost your career?

Testing with Prometric

Prometric certification testing facts

Real Live Learning

Despite the flood of new products and processes competing to educate you, doctor the oldest, least sexy medium of all is often the most expedient and effective: traditional classroom training.

Log On and Learn

Thanks to the Internet and World Wide Web, generic certification training and preparation materials are only a few mouse clicks away.