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Computer Certification Articles

How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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Real Live Learning

Despite the flood of new products and processes competing to educate you, doctor the oldest, least sexy medium of all is often the most expedient and effective: traditional classroom training.

Log On and Learn

Thanks to the Internet and World Wide Web, generic certification training and preparation materials are only a few mouse clicks away.

Professional Profile: Cheryl Jackson, CISSP, CBCP

From cryptography to telecommunications security and disaster recovery, adiposity the right certifications help prove expertise.

Computer-Based Training Provides Active Learning

Self-paced and readily available, anesthetist CBT is a powerful certification preparation tool.

How Certifications Are Born

Ever wonder just what goes into making an IT certification? We found out for you.

Real Live (Virtually) Learning

The ultimate way to become proficient with a product or environment is direct, hands-on interaction, but that's not always practical or safe. Simulations and remote labs are an attractive alternative.

IT Certification Puts Teacher in New Class

For Texas-based writer and trainer Joli Ballew, drugs certification was a ladder to freedom from a career that was crushing her.

From Certified to Certifier

The current Global Program Manager for Ericsson's certification program started out by earning a few designations of his own - more than twenty.