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GoCertify Looks Back: Our 10 Most Popular Certification Watch Newsletters of 2019

The new year is nearly here. That means it's time to reflect on everything we've accomplished in 2018. First up: Certification Watch.

Six Hot Linux Certifications for 2020

A new year approaches! If you have a serious professional interest in Linux, then you could make a big impact on your career outlook by focusing on one of these six certifications in 2020.

U.S. Jobs: November Numbers Bring Welcome News

There was a big boom in jobs created last month. Holiday hiring and the return to the assembly line of striking GM workers probably contributed. There are other reasons, however, to be optimistic.

The Complications of Connectivity Creep

The Internet of Things is not literally everywhere, incorporation literally everything. Figuratively, on the other hand, many people may be starting to feel hemmed in by connectivity creep.

Season of Gifts: Get New Tech, Recycle Old Tech

It’s the time of year when new electronics and related goodies start showing up under the tree and in other gifted forms. What do to with the outdated stuff? DON’T throw it in the trash, please!

Happy Thanksgiving (with pie!) from the GoCertify Team

GoCertify is taking Thursday off in observance of Thanksgiving. But we didn't want to leave you with nothing: Have some pie!

Stay Relevant: How Old Dogs Can Learn IT's New Tricks

There's a bias against older workers in IT and IT-adjacent professions. You can't change that. As you eventually get older, however, you can absolutely change yourself — and keep your career from fading out of the picture.

The SSL Store Susses Out the Top Security Certs for 2020

A leading vendor of security certification tools and technology naturally keeps all eyes on the cybersecurity marketplace. That makes their compilation of top cybersecurity certifications for 2020 a must-read.

Who Invented the Computer? Ada Lovelace

GoCertify takes a tour through the annals of recorded science to illuminate the origin story of one of the most consequential inventions in the history of humankind. In today's installment: Ada Lovelace.

Microsoft's MSSA Program Still Helping Vets Find Employment

Six years after establishing its Microsoft Software and Systems Academy to help former U.S. military personnel get started on IT careers, Microsoft is still assisting vets.

Seven Films That (Mostly) Get IT and Computers Right

Those of us who have more than a passing familiarity with computers and IT often can't help chortling, and probably sometimes want to punch something, when we see computers and IT depicted in movies.

U.S. Jobs: Still Growing (Slowly) in October

With unemployment still near record lows at 3.6 percent, 128,000 jobs added in October spells more slow and steady economic growth. Ed Tittel digs into the latest U.S. BLS numbers to find out what else is happening.

Making Sense of the Great Cisco Certification Shakeout, Part 2

Cisco Systems is making sweeping changes to its certification program, whacking a flotilla of credentials and moving to a simpler certification scheme across the board.

OpenStack Foundation Hands COA Cert Off to Mirantis

In a clear sign of growing acceptance, uptake and maturity, the OpenStack Foundation has now delegated responsibility for the Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) exam to well-known cloud tech company Mirantis.

Happy Final Day of National Cyber Security Awareness Month

'Tis the season for spooky stuff! Before you go trick-or-treating or participate in other festive holiday revels, test your knowledge of malware, viruses and famous hacks!

Who Invented the Computer? Charles Babbage

GoCertify takes a tour through the annals of recorded science to illuminate the origin story of one of the most consequential inventions in the history of humankind. In today's installment: Charles Babbage.