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The Magic of MOOCSE for IT Education

Chris Roy, Director of Learning Services at Microsoft Learning told me in an interview two weeks ago that while the company is still developing and marketing MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) training directly to customers and through partners, it is eager to pursue all possible avenues to reach out to students.


The uptake of Microsoft's MOOCs has been phenomenal, Roy says. That’s why they’re planning to continue and to grow their investment in delivering training through that channel to increase the population of technology-savvy professionals and students who need to know technology fundamentals and platform or program specifics. It’s the only way, Royh says, to meet demand and to provide eager learners with the skills they need to fill the jobs that employers desperately want to staff.


Follow-on conversations with Antonella Corno of the Cisco Learning Network, and David Graves at Dell/EMC Global Communications, convince me that most of the major technology players not only see things this way, but are taking big steps to cultivate mindshare and goodwill by offering free training now in hopes of big business later (an excellent case of “enlightened self-interest”).


Thus, for example, Graves tells me that Dell/EMC’s Academic Alliance program has already impacted over half a million students at over 2,500 institutions in more than 90 countries.


What Can MOOCSE Do For Me?


Ed T Figure 1 3 3 2017Remember the introduction of the Millennium Falcon in the first Star Wars movie? The same thing applies here: MOOCSE may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts. And like Han Solo, the MOOCSE creators have made a couple of special modifications.


MOOCSE is spun off from Google Custom Search, which lets users build a Google-fueled search into whatever site they're operating. Essentially, this means that you'll have to scroll past a pane of Google Ads to see your search results, which can be sorted, at your whim, either by date or relevance.


Be sure to pay attention to the tabs feature just below the "Course Search" button. Your results will be indexed by provider. So you can look at all the results together, or you can see just edX courses, or just the ones offered by


The search tabs let you browse results from 14 different MOOC providers (including a handful that are tailored to non-English speakers). Try them all. The Coursera tab, for example, has just two results if you search "hardware repair," whereas Khan Academy has 10 full pages of results that address that topic.


This is big stuff, folks: Get on the bandwagon and start poking around at today. Tell 'em, "Ed sent me!"



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