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Interview: Robb Tracy, Author of CompTIA Network+ Certification Practice Exams (Exam N10-005)

Study and test yourself with this entire book of practice questions that cover every CompTIA Network+ exam objective.

Author Robb Tracy

Organized by objective, Robb Tracy's book is all questions and in-depth answers.  Included are hundreds of questions, a pre-assessment test, two full practice exams, and more.  If you are ready to delve into Networking+ questions, then this is your book.

The Network+ certification, which is offered byCompTIA, is a hot certification to have.  It covers the knowledge and skills necessary to manage, maintain, and troubleshoot networks.  It covers installing, operating, and configuring basic networking infrastructures.  It also covers networking technologies, design principles, and adhering to writing standards and using testing tools.

The Network+ credential is the starting point for certification tracks at many other corporations, such as Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, and HP.  It also is a great beginning to many network careers.

If you are ready to ready to take the CompTIA Network+ exam, or if you just want to have a ready book to study from or refer to, then the new CompTIA Network+ Certification Practice Exams (Exam N10-005) written by Robb Tracy and published by McCraw-Hill is just the book for you.

GoCertify: Why did you write a book with practice questions and nothing but practice questions? – who is it for?

Robb Tracy: This book is aimed at two audiences. First, it's intended to be a companion study aid for students who are using the CompTIA Network+ Certification Study Guide by Glen E. Clarke to prepare for the Network+ exam. The two books were written in tandem and there's a one-to-one correlation between the chapters in each book. After studying Glen's study guide chapters and then answering the associated practice exam questions in my book, the student will be extra prepared for the real Network+ exam.

It's also aimed at students who already have a great deal of experience with networking concepts and just need to brush up in order to prepare for the Network+ exam. Students in this audience can take the diagnostic pre-assessment test included with my book and then go through the practice test items in each chapter to identify subject areas where they may need to study prior to taking the real Network+ exam.

GoCertify: What strategies do you suggest for how individuals can get the most benefit from using practice questions and practice exam products?

Robb Tracy: The best way to use this book is to first review the Network+ certification objectives to make sure you know what is covered in the exam. They can be found in the book as well as on the CompTIA web site. Next, take the diagnostic pre-assessment test in Appendix A of my book and analyze your individual results. The pre-assessment test will gauge your areas of strength and weakness and allow you to tailor your studies based on your needs.

With this information in hand, use a study guide, such as Glen's Network+ study guide, to study the topics you missed on the pre-assessment test. As you do, answer the practice exam items contained in the associated chapters in my book. Remember, Glen's study guide and this book were written together and the chapters match up exactly. If you use a different study guide, you'll need to manually map the Network+ objectives covered in my chapters to the chapters in your particular title.

The exam items in each chapter of my book mirror the actual Network+ exam questions in content, style, tone, format, and difficulty. For each question, you will find an explanation for both the correct and incorrect answers, allowing you to test the information you know and learn the information you don't know. In every chapter, you will find the following:
• Certification Objectives: Each chapter begins with a list of Network+ objectives covered.
• Practice Exam Questions: From 15 to 30 unique questions are included in every chapter. By answering these questions you will test your knowledge while familiarizing yourself with the format of the actual exam questions.
• Quick Answer Key: The key follows the questions and allows you to quickly check your answers.
• In-Depth Answers: At the end of every chapter, the in-depth answers help you learn not only why one answer choice is correct but why the others are not.

Analyze your results on the practice exam items in each chapter and study up on objectives that you didn't do well on.

Once done, take the three practice exams included with my book. These will reinforce the topics you studied as well as prepare you for the look and feel of the real Network+ exam. If you can pass these practice exams with regularity, you should do very well on the Network+ exam.

GoCertify: How similar to the actual exam questions are the questions in your book and how did you develop them?

Robb Tracy: The items in my book are very similar to the actual exam questions. I served for a time on the CompTIA Network+ Certification Advisory Committee several years ago, so I know how the real Network+ exams are constructed. I've also been a professional certification exam author for 10 years, so I know the mind of the Network+ item authors.

Most of my items are not memory recall, regurgitation questions. Instead, they present the reader with a complex scenario and ask them to choose the correct solution or action. The reader will have to synthesize what they have learned and apply it to a unencountered situation in the question's scenario. As such, these questions require a great deal of thought.

The reader should analyze each response carefully. In addition to the correct answer, you'll find that most of the incorrect responses in my practice items are "almost correct". Generally, I only change one or two minor things to make them incorrect. Again, these questions will require a great deal of thought before the reader selects an answer.