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Wishing a Pleasant Washington's Birthday Holiday to All

Washington's Birthday = the actual name of the U.S. federal holiday that most people call Presidents Day. Why not take a festive quiz while the GoCertify team enjoys a holiday break?

How much do you know about the legacy of presidential pets?The GoCertify home office is closed today in honor of the U.S. holiday of Washington's Birthday. We'll be back tomorrow (Feb. 22), with more of the all-around IT certification goodness that you crave. Until then, please enjoy the following quiz, courtesy of our friends at Certification Magazine.


In past years, the CertMag team has done quizzes about Washington himself, and about the other 44 men to succeed him. (Remember, Grover Cleveland was both the 22nd and 24th president. So there have 46 presidents, but only 45 individuals have held the office). There was a quiz about first ladies, and one about the White House.


For 2022, we are pleased to pass along a quiz about an aspect of presidential life that gets more attention during some presidencies, and almost none at all during others: Does the president have a pet? And what do we know, if anything, about that animal (or animals)?


1. Which U.S. president briefly had two grizzly bear cubs as pets?


2. Three presidents did not keep pets while in office. Two of those are James K. Polk and Andrew Johnson. Who is the third?


3. Which president had a pet guinea pig named Fighting Bob Evans?


4. Which president kept the most pets while in office?


5. Which consecutively serving presidents owned, between them, 16 different dogs across thirteen different breeds?


6. How many presidents had multiple pets with the name (in some form or other) “Peter”?


7. Which president purchased a horse after it defeated him in an impromptu street race through Washington, D.C.?


8. Which president’s pet cat, Siam, was the first documented Siamese cat to be owned in the United States?


9. Which presidential parrot outlived the president who owned her?


10. Which president was an active and engaged dog breeder, who kept hunting dogs with the names (among others) Sweet Lips, Scentwell, Vulcan, Drunkard, Taster, and Tippler?


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