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Your Friends at GoCertify With You a Happy Halloween

'Tis the season for spooky stuff! Before heading out to go trick-or-treating or participate in other festive holiday revels, test your historical knowledge of famous (and infamous) hacks and hackers!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy this cybersecurity-themed holiday quiz!Boo! Something wicked this way comes, kiddies. Here in the United States, where GoCertify has its global headquarters, we're celebrating Halloween this week. That is some people's absolute favorite holiday on the calendar, and makes other people want to punch the whole world in the face.


Whichever camp you fall into, we have a fun holiday treat from our friends at Certification Magazine. In honor of the final day of October — coming up at the end of the week — and all of the trick-or-treaty goodness that comes with it, the CertMag team has created a topical quiz and graciously allowed us to repost it here.


(Topical, of course, because October, in addition to containing everyone's favorite jack-o-lantern-themed autumnal celebration, is also Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Do your part. #BeCyberSmart)


See how you do! And don't forget to click to Page 2 of this article to see the answers.


1) Which two companies paid an estimated $100 million to a Lithuanian hacker who e-mailed them fake invoices from a Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer?


2) What are the ursine nicknames of the hacker groups classified as APT28 and APT 29 by the United States government?


3) Which National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise was targeted by a ransomware attack in April 2021?


4) Who allegedly posted the message, “Your security is crap,” to a U.S. military website in 2000, while poking around looking for (among other things) classified information about UFOs?


5) Which hacker, known as The Piranha, famously required a bottle of chardonnay from Napa Valley’s Rombauer Vineyards as part of his personal hacking routine?


6) What was the unsecured data repository that was compromised via a hack of point-of-sale (POS) provider THSuite, exposing personally identifiable information (PII) connected to 30,000 medical marijuana consumers?


7) Which internet search provider ended its relationship with the Chinese government and closed down operations in China after a breach that was discovered in 2010?


8) Who was the first person charged in the United States with selling so-called “botnets,” or networks of hijacked computers?


9) What criminal hacking collective was founded in part by a hacker nicknamed Sabu, who dodged a 124-year prison sentence by becoming an informant for the FBI?


10) What bitcoin exchange, initially conceived as a card trading website for Magic: The Gathering Online players, was closed down and liquidated in 2014 after being looted of approximately 850,000 bitcoins by hackers?