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CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Exam (Beta Version)

CompTIA's Cloud+ credential will go live soon. What will be on the exam? Peer into the future with this review of the beta version of Cloud+.

In early January I received an email from CompTIA asking if I would like to be among 400 participants in beta testing their new CV1-001: CompTIA Cloud+ certification exam.  The positive relative to participation is the opportunity comes at no cost to participating beta test takers.  The negative is that you have to wait until CompTIA launches the final exam (sometime “in the second half of 2013”), to learn whether you have passed the exam and obtained status as a Cloud+ certified professional.

In identifying appropriate candidates for the Beta exam, CompTIA suggests IT professionals with 24 to 36 months of work experience in one of the following areas would be qualified:

  • IT Networking
  • Network Storage
  • Data Center Administration
  • Familiarity with any major hypervisor technologies for server virtualization

Based upon my experience as an IT professional, coupled with my Microsoft MCSE: Private Cloud and VMware VCP certifications, I felt as though I met the candidate criteria.  Noting that there were no study materials available for the beta exam, CompTIA provided a link to download the CV1-001 exam objectives. This document included the specific domains measured by the exam, and the extent to which they were measured.

Cloud+ Exam Domains:

Domain% of Examination
1.0 Cloud Concepts and Models


2.0 Virtualization


3.0 Infrastructure


4.0 Resource Management


5.0 Security


6.0 Systems Management


7.0 Business Continuity in the Cloud


"there were no surprises and the subjects covered in the exam were not outside of the scope identified in the exam objectives"

As I’ve done with previous beta exams, I focused my study efforts on specific objectives where I felt that I did not have a clear understanding of identified content areas. We all vary in our comfort relative to content areas. For me, I found in going line by line through the exam objective document that my principal area of knowledge weakness was storage technologies. With that in mind I utilized one of the major search engines and focused my search on gaining a better understanding of concepts relating to SANs, NAS, LUNs, VSANs, DAS, and other storage related technologies.

Other key areas of knowledge that I focused on included knowing the:

  • Different classifications of “cloud models,” including private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds.
  • Different types of cloud services, including SAAS, IAAS, PAAS, CAAS, XAAS, DAAS, and BPAAS.
  • Differences between Type I and Type II hypervisors.
  • Cause and result of Cloud Bursting.
  • Virtual components used to construct a cloud environment.
  • Purposes of LUN masking and LUN zoning.
  • Different data center tier levels.
  • Different file system types.
  • Different access protocols.

The beta exam consisted of 130 questions and the time provided for the exam was 2 hours and 30 minutes. I felt as though there were no surprises and the subjects covered in the exam were not outside of the scope identified in the exam objectives. While I will not know whether my efforts were successful for a while, I’m reasonably confident that I was prepared for the exam based upon both my subject matter knowledge and experience level.

Given the fact that computer and network technology (through server, desktop, storage, and infrastructure virtualization), are moving to the “cloud” at a rapid pace, I would encourage anyone pursuing a career in IT to consider focusing their energies on CompTIA’s Cloud+ certification along with cloud and virtualization certifications available from companies like Microsoft, VMware, EMC, and Citrix.

steve linthicum

About the Author

Professor Steve Linthicum is a full-time faculty member at Sierra College in Rocklin, California and is a member of its Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Administration of Justice Departments. Steve holds a variety of IT virtualization and Cloud certifications including VMware VCP (versions 4 and 5), Microsoft MCSE: Private Cloud and MCITP: Virtualization Administrator, and Citrix CCA: XenDesktop. You can reach him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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