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Certification Watch (Vol. 18, No. 38)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, you can get an (almost) entirely free digital issue of Certification Magazine, (almost) get your Windows 10 certs, and more.

Get Your (Almost) Entirely Free Digital Issue of Certification Magazine


Reading a digital mag on tabletIf you dig IT certification, then Certification Magazine is a must-read. Published four times a year, the august IT publication surveys the certification landscape and reports on new developments in signficant IT realms like Big Data, cloud computing, Linux and more. And we don't strictly mean "surveys the landscape" in that global, taking stock sense of the word. The mag still compiles its well known Salary Survey report once per year (in February), but now conducts smaller, more targeted surveys throughout the year and publishes new data in every issue. Now, for a limited time, you can double your IT pleasure. Sign up for GoCertify's free weekly newsletter, and you'll also receive one free digital issue of Certification Magazine!


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ISACA Warns Against Relying on Mobile for Transactions


In 2015, life as we know it is all about convenience. Once upon a time, online payment processing removed the need to use a stamp, an envelope, or even a paper check to make your mortgage payment. Now you don't even need a web browser: Many businesses and other organization are now moving toward accepting payment via text. It may sound appealing, but IT governance and cybersecurity association ISACA warns consumers (and business owners) to temper their enthusiasm for pay-by-mobile technology. ISACA, which also curates a fistful of enormously popular IT certs, earlier this week reported the results of recent survey of more than 900 security experts who are dubious, at best, about the security of pay-by-mobile solutions. Among the many dangers involved are use of public wifi, lost or stolen personal devices, weak passwords, and phishing attacks. Proceed with caution.


Certified in Jamaica: CompTIA Credentials Improving Careers Around the Globe


Everywhere you look, businesses large and small are seeking talented IT professionals to serve in a variety of capacities. And it's becoming similarly common for hiring managers to use IT certification as a guide to choosing the most qualified individuals. A new post this week at IT industry association CompTIA's IT Careers Blog highlights the success of an educational institution in Jamaica that is using certification to help people succeed. The post begins with an engaging anecdote about a 26-year IT pro who reluctantly agreed to get certified through Jamaica's Gomex Technology Institute — and discovered that he'd been depriving himself of some important career advantages for years. If you, too, have been a certification skeptic, then maybe it's time to finally find out what IT certification can do for you.


Get Windows 10 Certified ... Very Soon


Now that the Windows 10 operating system has been in the wild, as they say, for a couple of months, it's time to bid adieu to Windows 8.1 certification. Microsoft Learning is spreading the word that all Windows 8.1 exams will be retired as of Nov. 30. That's because Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 have a lot of overlap, and there will, very soon, be Windows 10 cert exams to replace all exams formerly associated with the Windows That Dare Not Speak Its Name. The first Windows 10 cert, Exam 70-697: Configuring Windows Devices, is already available in beta, and it's now officially in the forecast that more Windows 10 exams will be released ... over the next few weeks. More specifically, Exam 70-354: Universal Windows Platform – App Architecture and UX/UI and Exam 70-355: Universal Windows Platform – App Data, Services, and Coding Patterns are due to arrive in beta early next month.


Get Free Social Media Certification Training from Hootsuite


If you're among the IT curmudgeons who doesn't give a hoot about social media, then it's time to change your tune. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms are rewriting the handbook on how to succeed in business, and it's past time to board the social media train. Now leading social media firm Hootsuite is encouraging foot draggers by offering six free online courses to bring social media neophytes up to speed. The newfangled Hootsuite Podium will help prep interested parties to pursue Hootsuite's two social media certifications, in Social Media Marketing and Advanced Social Media Strategy. The first step is free, so if you've been reluctant to engage because of cost, well, the path to social media certification is now more cost-effective than it used to be.


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