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Certification Watch (Vol. 18, No. 40)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA certification has a shiny new website, Cisco salutes cybersecurity, and more!

The New Online Look of CompTIA Certification


Finger of God website searchIt's not every day that one of the largest certification providers in the IT realm draws back the curtain on a brand new website. Web design overhauls take time and patience, and can be irritating to people who are accustomed to having things a certain way. That hasn't stopped IT industry group CompTIA from forging ahead with a dramatic reboot of the certification side of its online empire. Those familiar with CompTIA know that visitors to have to choose between the Membership side of CompTIA, and the Certification side. Now those of us in the certification orbit can just update our CompTIA bookmarks and go straight to You should also check out the blog post linked above, from CompTIA CIO Randy Gross, who walks through some of the new bells and whisltes. Happy surfing!


Oracle Certifications Are Hot, Hot, Hot!


If you've been wondering what to do next in your pursuit of IT certification achievement, well, there are a lot of different directions that you could go. Oracle Certification has a suggestion, however, and they aren't even tooting their own horn — at least not directly. A new OC blog post recommends looking into the Oracle Certified Professional or Oracle Certified Associate credential of your choice. The recommendation, however, is from Certification Magazine, which recently posted a list at of certifications that drew high interest from participants in the most recent Salary Survey. There are 10 certs in all, so it may be worth your time to check the list even if there's probably not a swerve into Oracle-centered technology around the next bend in your career highway.


Here a Linux, There a Linux, Everywhere a Linux


The world's most widely used open-source operating system is literally everywhere. About the only place that you won't easily find it is on the personal devices of first-world computer users, where Windows still predominates. If you've always been curious to know the exact dimensions of the global Linux footprint, however, then you may be intrigued by a new series of videos from the Linux Foundation that offers a glimpse into A World Without Linux. The video strips away some of the vast array of modern conveniences delivered by Linux-fueled computers, to demonstrate just how integral the many Linux distros are to life as we know it.


Red Hat Accepting Nominations for 2016 Innovation Awards


Speaking of Linux, one of the leading IT companies in the Linux realm is Red Hat, which maintains and supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), one of the largest business distributions of Linux in the world. Over the past decade, Red Hat has annually offered a tip of its signature chapeau to IT innovators. The Red Hat Innovation Awards will be handed out for the 10th time in 2016, and Red Hat is eager for IT pros in the global Red Hat community to nominate developers whose creativity is blowing the minds of Red Hat users everywhere. It doesn't take much to put someone's name in Red Hat's, er, hat, so if you know the perfect person to receive a Red Hat Innovation Award, then don't delay. Nominations in six catergories will be open through Dec. 10.


Cisco Offers Passwords Pointers


October, if you didn't already know, is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Many an IT organization has piled on the bandwagon, with suggestions aplenty for steps that people and businesses can take to boost awareness and implementation of sound IT security practices. Earlier this week, Cisco added to its ongoing endorsement of NCSAM with a blog post that offers tips to network administrators for securing access when configuring new network devices. The usual caveats about password creation apply, but there's also some deep dive detail for people whose level of responsibility goes beyond keeping their e-mail account safe.


MCPmag to Host Security Webinar


IT security issues really are everywhere in 2015. It's an area of mission-critical corporate infrastructure that business cannot afford to screw up. (Some organizations probably literally could not afford it: The notorious hack that torpedoed Target's credit card processing system at the end of 2013 required the company to pony up $162 million just in the first three months after it happened.) If you could use some guidance for your organization, then circle Nov. 19 on your calendar. Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online ( will be hosting an hourlong webinar that day to help businesses get a handle on website security. Registration is required for attendance, so have an e-mail address ready when you book your spot.


That's all for this edition of Certification Watch. Please keep your certification news and tips coming to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..