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Certification Watch (Vol. 18, No. 46)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Certification Magazine wants your data, EMC and Microsoft wave goodbye to a fistful of retiring credentials, and more.

Certification Magazine Rolls Out Annual Salary Survey

Mitt is the ManYes, it's true that we just barely made a big deal about this on Monday. And no, we don't really have anything new to add. The Salary Survey is a signature element of the Certification Magazine media profile, however, so bear with us. CertMag's annual Salary Survey is one of the largest of its kind, with more than 18,000 IT pros taking part in 2014, assessing the merits of more than 700 certifications. We want it to be even bigger this time around, so we're counting on you, the certified IT professional, to both take the survey and pass the link along to all of your certified colleagues. Oh, and we lied about having nothing new to add. Here's a poll result that Donald Trump won't brag about. The Salary Survey has a few lighthearted questions at its tail end, including one that could be on the minds of many Americans come next fall. Hillary or Trump? Hillary has a strong early lead, but Trump, much like in his present circumstances, can't worry too much about his left flank just yet. Currently polling ahead of The Donald and trailing only Ms. Clinton is the option "Where's Mitt Romney when you need him?" Where indeed. "Shaaaaaane! Come back!"


IT Networking Pros Drawing Higher Salaries


Speaking of IT salary information, there's an interesting blast of news from Cisco Learning Network this week. Talking Tech with Cisco blogger Gary Pfitzer, taking his lead from data recently released by tech hiring titan Robert Half Technology, says that IT networking skills are commanding rapidly escalating salaries. As the Internet of Things continues to extend its tentacles into every aspect of modern life, there's a job role for a networking expert just about anywhere you turn. And the compensation is both good and getting better. Salaries for the job role "wireless network engineer," for example, are up 9.7 percent just in the past year, and current offers range in average lucrativity from $108,750 on up to $150,750. If you're looking for a wealthy direction in which to take your IT networking career, it would appear that wireless is THE hot networking technology.


Oracle Certification Says Certs Increase Pay


It's apparently a big week for discussions of certification and salary. Over at Oracle Certification, a recent post by blogger Eva Chase cites intriguing data from employment research firm Foote Partners. The word from Foote is that compsensation for IT skills is up. The key distinction, however, is that non-certified IT skills rose 4 percent in value over the past year, while the value of certified IT skills jumped up 10 percent. Who doesn't like the sound of that, right? We'll tell you who: IT pros who don't have certifications. You can get in on this, too, fellas. Just get a cert. Oracle Certification is a popular place to look, too. When Certification Magazine asked about certifications being targeted by participants in last year's annual Salary Survey, Oracle Certified Professional and Oracle Certified Associate were two of the five most popular responses.


(ISC)² Forges Another University Agreement to Boost Certification


The IT security group (ISC)² has actively partnered with colleges and universities in the past to beef up college-level computer education offerings by pairing them with a strong foundation for certification. Now there's another school joining the ranks. The University of Tampa in Tampa, Fla., is partnering with (ISC)² on course offerings that will help students enter the booming cybersecurity employment market, as well as set them on the path to earning (ISC)²'s widely respected SSCP and CISSP credentials. University of Tampa already offers a cybersecurity major (and a minor), which will now benefit from the added prestige and education heft of (ISC)²'s Global Academic Program (GAP). In particular, students will reap the wealth of cybersecurity wisdom contained in (ISC)²'s continually evolving common body of knowledge (CBK). With demand for trained cybersecurity professional higher than ever, it's an excellent time to make a commitment to certification.


EMC, Microsoft Closing the Door on Outdated Credentials


Certifications, like the milk in your refrigerator, generally come with an expiration date. You cert won't go bad as quickly as a gallon of 2 percent, but it also won't last forever. Two key players in the IT certification realm announced pending retirements this week, so pay attention if you're working on something from Microsoft or EMC. Microsoft is bidding adieu to several certs of note, including the MCSA designations for Windows Client and Windows 7. Other Microsoft technologies about to exit various levels of the certification loop include Lync, Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint 2010, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio and .NET Framework 4. Over at EMC, the door is closing on the EMC Information Storage and Protection Technologies Specialist, EMC Information Storage Solutions Design, IT-as-a-Service Expert, and Virtualized Infrastructure Specialist credentials. All good things must end, folks.


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