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Certification Watch (Vol. 18, No. 51)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, GoCertify soulfully croons, Baby, It's Cold Outside, Cisco looks at hot IT skills for 2016, and more.

GoCertify Holiday Publishing Schedule


Christmas cabinSorry, it was all a clever ruse. We don't know the words, and even if we did, what, we're gonna sing it better than Kelly Clarkson and Ronnie Dunn? Or Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga? Or Sara Bareilles and Seth MacFarlane? Or Ray Charles and Nina Simone? Or Britney Spears and Mel Torme? (Pop quiz: Which of those concordant Christmas couplings did we totally make up? YouTube holds the answer.) Now that we're right in the heart of the holiday season, however, we do want to thank everyone in the GoCertify extended family for a fantastic 2015. Also, this is our notice to you that we'll be scaling back our publication schedule a bit from now until Jan. 4. We'll still check in periodically the rest of this week and next. with new content on the following days:

Friday, Dec. 25
Monday, Dec. 28
Wednesday, Dec. 30
Thursday, Dec. 31

Other than that, however, please pardon our (sporadic) absence as we settle in for the GoCertify version of a long winter's nap. Season's greetings to all!


Oracle Certification Calls 'Shenanigans' on Five-Month Old Dice Blog Post


Oh no he didn't! Back around the week after Independence Day, blogger David Bolton essentially thumbed his nose at the entire IT certification community in a post at IT employment facilitator Dice. Certifications? Software developer Bolton says earning them is a waste of time, effort and resources. On Dec. 18, the good people at Oracle Certification, perhaps initially blinded to the white-hot glare of Bolton's fighting words by leftover 4th of July fireworks, delivered a several-months-overdue counterpunch. We say, "Better late than never," and not just because IT certification is our bread and butter. Bolton is entitled to his opinion in the matter, but that's about all his incendiary rhetoric amounts to: a fistful of opinions. The pro-certification argument is at least founded on empirical data. Oracle Certification blogger Eva Chase references a CompTIA study that found 93 percent of hiring managers believe certs are beneficial and provide value to companies whose employees hold them. We've seen plenty of other data and we can promise you that, wherever you think CompTIA's biases may lie, that 93 percent number is merely the tip of the statistical iceberg.


Red Hat Seeks Presenters for Red Hat Summit 2016


If your blood is still boiling from pondering the preceding item, then perhaps you should consider organizing your seething thoughts and pouring them into a fiery speaking proposal. Red Hat is seeking such proposals until Jan. 11 from potential participants in Red Hat Summit 2016. (Red Hat is no stranger to the IT certification realm, as documented recently right here at GoCertify.) Red Hat Summit is primarily an "open source technology event," so if you have expertise in that realm, then your proposal will probably at least get a second look. And who knows? A fiery certification evangelist might be just the thing to insert between this presentation about hybrid IT infrastructure, and that dissertation on the relative merits of middleware. (Not that there's anything wrong with either of those topics.)


Cybrary: The Shortage of Skilled IT Professionals is REAL


There's a brewing debate over whether IT employers (a label that, at some level, applies to nearly every employer of any sort in these tech-fueled times) truly are desperate to hire every skilled IT professional in sight, as many job creators and employment brokers have claimed in recent years. A couple of weeks back, GoCertify's own Ed Tittel, in assessing the latest report of U.S. employment figures, opined that shrinking IT employment in the United States argues directly against the purported "skills gap." Now online IT training provider Cybrary has bcome the latest entity to assert that there are more IT jobs than skilled professionals available to fill them.  According to Cybrary's own recently completed survey, 68 percent of the more than 430 companies contacted believe there is a worldwide shortage of skilled IT pros, and more than 80 percent have had trouble with recruiting top talent. Looks like there will be plenty of fodder for continued, shall we say, "discourse" in the foreseeable future.


Cisco Weighs in on Top IT Skills for 2016


What are the hot IT skill sets for 2016? Security! Networking! Big Data! Cloud! It's like deja vu all over again. On his way out the door for the Christmas and New Year's Day break, Cisco Learning Network blogger Gary Pfitzer offers his own assessment of a recent "top skills for 2016" presentation from CIO. Pfitzer is most solidly behind CIO's choices when it comes to the following five job roles:

Business Analyst
Cloud Architect
Data Scientist
Network Engineer
Security Professional

Like we said initially, there are a lot of familiar faces in that crowd. Not everything, it would seem, can always be new, even in the always-evolving technology realm. At any rate, if you're looking to switch career paths, or plot an IT course, in 2016, well, now you have some not-at-all-new directions to consider.


That's all for this edition of Certification Watch. Please keep your certification news and tips coming to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..