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Certification Watch (Vol. 19, No. 37)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Red Hat is on the lookout for IT innovators, Cisco discusses its new CCIE certification exam topics, and more.

Red Hat Wants Your Innovation Nominations


Girl in rocket costume innovation conceptInnovative thinking from creative individuals is the lifeblood of open source technology. If a committed professional has a bright idea to improve or transform an open source product, they can literally apply their outside-the-box thinking straight to the source (so to speak), toying with the code that makes the software what it is. Hence, it's vital to have smart people who are personally invested in your open-source whatever it is. Red Hat, a Linux-focused software company that supports a variety of open source endeavors, bestows a handful of annual awards to honor visionary open source tinkerers, and the nominating period for the next Red Hat Innovation Awards is upon us. If you know of an individual whose innovative contribution to Red Hat technology is worthy of recognition, then you have until Nov. 9 to set forth their name and accomplishments. Winners will be recognized in a special ceremony at the 2017 Red Hat Summit, to be held May 2-5 in Boston. A detailed explanation of the nominating process, complete with a form to submit nominations, is available online.


CIW Posts Tutorial on Code Inspector Technology


It's a time-honored convention in pop culture that many inspectors are well-meaning bumblers who succeed in spite of themselves. Take Inspector Gadget, for example, or Inspector Clouseau. So it's understandable that a technologist hoping to improve and refine, say, web design and delivery, might be wary of accepting assistance from anything dubbed an "inspector." It would seem, however, that a "code inspector," far from being a self-deluded nitwit, is a standard-issue web tool that empowers web design and development professionals to root out bugs and implement fixes. For the benefit of those unfamiliar with this handy device, commonly integrated as a standard feature of web browsers, an illuminating tutorial was posted at the end of last week by CIW Certification. Lauren K. Jones, director of web design and development for CIW, explains the ins and outs of using a code inspector by examining the CIW Certification home page. Code inspectors are apparently an invaluable resource for web designers and developers, so if web design certification is your thing and this is not a topic that you're already familiar with, then you'd be well-advised to check it out.


New Scholarship Fund Offers Assistance to Aspiring Programmers


Where there's a will, as they say, one can generally discover a way, or means of accomplishing one's ambition. For many who have educational aspirations, scholarships are an important means of getting from Point A to Point B. Scholarships can also be a powerful tool for influencing change, which appears to account for at least part of the thinking behind a new fund for aspiring computer programmers. Announced at the end of last week, the Tech Opportunity Fund, a collaboration between The Iron Yard, Code Fellows and Operation HOPE, plans to award $100 million worth of scholarships to encourage the growth of diversity in the largely while and male computer programming workforce. Women, Blacks, Latinos and others are encouraged to apply for financial assistance that will help them gain an educational footing in the computer programming relam. The application period begins in January, so there's no immediate action to be taken, but you can sign up at the Tech Opportunity Fund website to receive updates about the process.


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