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Certification Watch (Vol. 19, No. 38)

Oracle and Microsoft are Singing Mo Beta Blues


Beta button in the air conceptSavvy operators in the IT certification realm often look to beta exams to advance their professional ambitions. As noted in a recent post at the Oracle Certification blog, there are a variety of benefits that make beta exams attractive. Oracle blogger Eva Chase notes that beta exams are often quite a bit cheaper than regular old full-fledged certification exams. Beta testers often are allotted extra time to complete their exams as well, and frequently see more questions (bonus information and learning!) than are used on the final exam. Over at Microsoft Learning's Born to Learn blog, certification rock star Liberty Munson has some Microsoft-specific advice for beta participants, helping to calm the rattled nerves of test takers who, for good and sufficient reasons, sometimes assume that their performance was subpar. If you take a lot of Microsoft beta exams, then you'll definitely want to read what she has to say.


CompTIA Tweaks Project+, Encourages HERstory Majors


Speaking of beta exams, which typically help certification organizations gauge the effectiveness of both new exams and exam overhauls, the wheel's still in spin over at CompTIA, where the Project+ certification is up for renewal. Project+ is a foundational credential for aspiring project manages, designed to help them find their footing in the increasingly popular project management realm. That's not all that CompTIA is up to, however: On Tuesday, the leading IT industry association announced the launch of a new initiative to encourage girls to enter the IT industry. A new website is up, accompanied by an e-book, both of which encourage girls to Make Tech Her Story. (Or herstory. Make herstory — get it? We here at certification watch aren't the only ones who love a good [by which we mean bad] IT pun.) Recent CompTIA research indicates that girls considering IT disciplines need strong encouragement from parents, and that many of them lose interest in tech as they get older. You heard us, Mom and Dad! Get cracking with your 10-to-12-year-old tech-inclined pretweens!


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