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Certification Watch (Vol. 19, No. 39)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Certification Magazine kicks off its annual Salary Survey, Microsoft Learning rolls out five new credentials (and zotzes several others), and more.

Certification Magazine Launches Annual Salary Survey


Counting my certification penniesWhat is the impact of certification on your IT earning power? There's no precise and scientific formula. A lot of factors are in play when it comes to determining the influence of Credential A on Salary B. One of the more intriguing sources of IT salary information, however, is the annual Salary Survey conducted by Certification Magazine. The survey is open to participation by anyone who has at least one active IT credential, and responses typically flood in from around the globe. Several thousand individuals have participated in each of the past two annual surveys (smaller survey are conducted throughout the year), and the CertMag team is hoping to draw a large crowd once more. This year's annual survey kicked off late Monday, and is open to responses through Nov. 9. Your participation qualifies you to receive a free one-year subscription to the digital edition of the magazine (or a discounted print subscription), so you don't have to give up 20 minutes of time solely to advance the cause of salary data collection.


What Goes Into a Certification Exam?


"Making of" documentaries about the behind-the-scenes creation of this or that blockbuster movie are commonplace in 2016 — they're practically expected as a special feature on Blu-ray and DVD releases of popular films. There aren't many other areas in life, however, where we can casually pull back the curtain and see what goes into the production of this household item, or that familiar workplace accessory. So though the insights are pithy and the overall impact somewhat slight, it's nevertheless interesting to read the thoughts expressed in a new post about subject-matter experts, commonly called SMEs, at CompTIA's IT Career News blog. Blogger Joel Sprague recently participated in a refresh of content for CompTIA's Server+ certification exam, and shares some ingishts about the role of SMEs in the process of creating certification exams. So if you've ever wondered "how the sausage is made" (as they say), well, click over and get a whiff.


ISACA Kicks Off New Effort to Involve Women in IT


When it comes to gender diversity, the IT realm is almost as much of a men's club as the NFL or the NBA. There are female workers at nearly every level in every IT discipline, but the vast majority of IT professionals are still men. Many businesses and industry associations have, in recent years, begun making an effort to advance the cause of women in IT. The newest addition to those ranks is the Connecting Women Leaders in Technology program announced this week by security and governance association ISACA. The new international initiative aims to empower women workers in IT professions and promote female leadership at IT organizations. ISACA's first step with its new program is to share stories of successful women and invite other women to come forward with their own accounts of working in IT. Many observers believe that simply connecting women in IT professions with other IT-employed women will create a strong foundation for increased gender equity, so ISACA's new effort is off to a solid start.


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