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Certification Watch (Vol. 19, No. 40)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, it's Cyber Security Awareness Month for CompTIA, ISACA and all of the rest of us, Cisco speaks in tongues (sort of), and more!

Happy (Not Halloween — October Is Not About Halloween Any More)


Halloween bucket and candyIt's that time of year again. There's a chill in the air, leaves are falling, and spooks and trolls are haunting the places that we visit each day. Yes, it's National Cyber Security Awareness Month. You were expecting something else? Something wicked (this way comes), perhaps? Halloween, Shmalloween. You can keep your trick-or-treat costumes, your miles of cotton batting faux-spideweb decor, and your glowily grinning jack-o-lanterns. The real October danger in 2016 is both online and in the ether — the ethernet, of course. Among the many observances now in full swing, security and governance association ISACA is passing out cybersecurity tips and tricks like, well, like Halloween candy. Among its roster of seasonal goodies, ISACA is offering webinars, conferences, new research findings, Twitter chats, SME-authored blog posts and more. If your certification and professional interests are aligned to cybersecurity, then make a mental note to take advantage is the ISACA cybersecurity blowout before the month has passed.


You Say You Want a Job in Cybersecurity


Also driving the National Cyber Security Awareness Month bandwagon is leading IT industry association CompTIA. It's a popular and oft-repeated refrain wherever cybersecurity is a hot topic — which is just about all sectors of modern life, to one extent or another — that there are excellent jobs for the taking available to anyone who has a solid footing in IT security assurance and related fields. What exactly are some of those jobs? CompTIA blogger Matthew Stern is glad you asked. Playing the role of leadoff NCSAM hitter in a post that appeared Tuesday at CompTIA's IT Career News blog, Stern discusses five key cybersecurity job roles. If you want to know what it takes to work as a Security Administrator, Security Specialist, Information Assurance Technician, Security Analyst, or Senior Cybersecurity Engineer (or Architect), then give the post a look-see. CompTIA offers the widely-valued journeyman Security+ cerification, as well as the more challenging CASP, and recently issued a security cert specially tailored to social media. There's also the job-specific Cybersecurity Analyst+, set to be released early next year.


BCS Hosts Healthcare IT Event in Scotland


The digital age is slowly but surely erasing the generations-old practice of creating and storing detailed medical information primarily using paper. Given the need to store and maintain complex data throughout an individual's lifetime, the sheer volume of records is intimidating even by the standards of digital technology. As the field of healthcare IT continues to boom, issues from privacy protection to digitization are the subject of increasinlgy complex and wide-ranging discussions. The British Computer Society is proselytizing for its eighth annual Health Informatics Conference, to be held Oct. 11 and 12 in Glasgow, Scotland. If you work in healthcare IT and you have some travel budget to burn, or if you're already in the Society's neck of the woods, then attending the conference could be a valuable professional development activity.


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