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Certification Watch (Vol. 19, No. 45)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Training Industry reveals its list of the Top 20 IT Training Companies of 2016, Cisco dives deep into Big Data, and more.

Training Industry Salutes Top IT Training Companies


Eyes on the prizeStop! Listen. Did you hear that? Technically, there's not a single special window that's the conventional time of year for "best of" lists, and "top" ranknings. In practice, however, this sort of business kicks in with five or six weeks to go until the new year and often continues through March or April. As 2017 creeps closer, however, and we all start to take deep "sprint to the finish" breaths, organzations, associations, societies and circles of all types are making lists, checking them twice, and preparing to anoint the definitive "mosts" and "bests" of 2016. The starting gun, however, has apparently already been fired, because last week Training Industry jumped out in front of everyone else with its 2016 list of the Top 20 IT Training Companies.


Each year, Training Industry meticulously formulates its rankings based on the following criteria: leadership and innovation; breadth of avaiable training and delivery methods offered; organizational size and growth potential; clientele; and geographic reach. Or, you know, maybe they just use last year's list and shuffle the page design a bit. Somthing called Exit Certified that made the 2015 list has been ditched in favor of, but the other 19 companies chosen are identical to those named last year. So if you're not already in the club, well, maybe you'll get lucky and be the one new guy who gets rotated in next year to keep us all on our toes.


CompTIA Partners with Burning Glass to Track Cybersecurity Jobs


We all know that the cybersecurity job market is booming. Or maybe only those of us who have really been paying attention know it. There are lots of jobs out there, however, and now IT industry association CompTIA and employment analytics firm Burning Glass have teamed up to help you find them. The upshot of their collaboration is Cyberseek, a new portal for cybersecurity job seekers. There are a handful of sweet tools available, including a tricked out interactive map of the United States that tracks cybersecurity employment openings nationwide, and a Career Pathways engine that helps your sort through available opportunities and design a clear path from entry-level employment to the highest rungs of the cybersecurity ladder. So whether you're just now catching on about the thriving demand for trained cybersecurity professionals, or you've been looking in all of the wrong places (until now), Cyberseek could provide the boost that helps you break through.


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