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Certification Watch (Vol. 19, No. 46)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA holds a special global event for IT pros everywhere, Cisco draws a line between data scientists and data engineers, and more.

Join in the Online Revels on CompTIA IT Pro Day


Ready for CompTIA IT Pro daySecretaries have a special day. Skyscrapers have a special day. Television has a special day. There's even a World Rabies Day. (It's Sept. 26. Circle the date and plan your pre-holiday shopping now.) We know what you're thinking, and so, it would seem, do the decision makers at IT industry association CompTIA: How come IT pros don't have a special day? Well, now they do. Next month, on Dec. 7, CompTIA will host the inaugural IT Pro Day, a virtual celebration of the information technology professionals who make life better for all of us. There's a full slate of events, most of which are webinar-esque in format, from 10:30 until 4 p.m. (U.S. Central time). The agenda includes four one-hour sessions that will discuss, respectively, Infrastructure, Development, Security and Data. Now some of you are thinking, "Sure, sounds like a swell time, but what's in it for me?" How about CEUs, the Continuing Education Units required to renew your CompTIA certifications? That's right, show up, participate, and get one CEU for each of the four main sessions. Woo-hoo!


ISACA Spotlights Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in Annual Risk/Reward Barometer


For Sigourney Weaver and Mel Gibson, 1965 was The Year of Living Dangerously. When it comes to cybersecurity, however, each new year that passes is the year of living dangerously. There are threats everywhere you look, and plenty of places that most of us probably don't look. It's probably not 100 percent completely cybersafe anywhere. Security and governance association ISACA underlines this reality each year in its annual Risk/Reward Barometer report. The 2016 Risk/Reward Barometer is now available, and ISACA has had press releases addressing its findings rolling through digital newsroom all week. In particular, the 2016 R/R-B addresses the boom in AR, or augmented reality (think Pokémon Go), and the massive and ongoing growth of the Internet of Things. How safe are all of those interconnected devices? It depends on who you ask. To gather its data, CompTIA asked thousands of IT business technology professionals (more than 6,500) and tech consumers (more than 5,000). For those interested in diving deep into the findings, there are a wealth of downloadable resources available.


Microsoft's KiPi is Back! Are You Up for the Challenge?


Yeah, we know, KiPi sounds like the name of a digital monkey from some futuristic sci-fi thriller. KiPi the comic relief digital monkey. In strict point of fact, however, KiPi is actually here to test your IT mettle, not puncture the somber mood of a tense boardroom confrontation or back-alley scuffle. That's because KiPi is industry shorthand for Microsoft Virtual Academy's Know it. Prove it. Challenge. Think you have the fortitude to plow through a virtual training course and emerge with usable IT skills? The challenge is simple: First you learn a skill, then you prove that the knowledge actually took root in the grey matter upstairs. Nothing to it, right? For those who succeed, Microsoft is offering digital badges to certify your new IT abilities. There's a tight timeline — just 30 days — and the clock is already ticking, as of Tuesday (Nov. 15). Are you ready to bust your butt and prove your digital bona fides? Make KiPi work for you before it's even time to do your last-minute Christmas shopping. Get started today!


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