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Certification Watch (Vol. 19, No. 48)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, tech education facilitator Treehouse is feeling like a million bucks, Microsoft learning wants to let you know about that cert you already got, and more.

Tech Education Company Offers 1 Million Reasons to Choose IT


TreehouseIT education facilitator Treehouse is branching out in its mission to foster the growth of affordable technology education. Sowing the seeds of future IT employment, the company announced this week the establishment of a $1 million scholarship fund. The money is pledged toward the diversification of the tech industry's (still) largely white male workforce. The new fund will provided expanded educational opportunites to women and people from civic and ethnic minorities in the United States through partnerships with organizations that are already working to create increased opportunities for those hitherto underserved populations. The first three groups to receive funding are Operation Code, an organization that works with military veterans; Path Forward, a nonprofit foundation that helps older workers reskill; and LaunchCode, which helps aspiring technologists find training and job placements.


CompTIA Shines Spotlight on Cybersecurity Employment Openings


Just in case you've been wondering whether there are any jobs for skilled information security professionals out there, IT industry association CompTIA would like you to know that thousands of such positions are presently unfilled in states across the country. A flurry of press releases hit the CompTIA newsroom this week, smashing to bits any rumors you may have heard that it's a tough market out there for cybersecurity job seekers. The rash of new findings is courtesy of CyberSeek, a joint venture established by CompTIA and labor analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies with the support of the U.S. Department.of Commerce. CyberSeek found that Texas-based employers are currently seeking more than 24,000 cybersecurity professionals, while companies in New York are looking to fill more than 20,000 positions, and California employers have more than 45,000 openings of their own. Also in the "help wanted" queue are Florida (more than 15,500 available jobs), Illinois (ditto), and Colorade (more than 11,000 available jobs).


Consistent IT Training Fuels Steady Career Growth


The pace of change in IT tends to vary between "speedy" and "staggeringly swift," so those with full-time IT jobs can't ever afford to let the grass grow beneath their feet. If you aren't learning something new, then you're all but asking to be laid off. Guest blogger Larry Alton underscores the importance of ongoing IT training in a new post to security and governance association ISACA's ISACA Now blog. As Alton sees it, training should be more of a habit than a goal. In other words, not something that you reagard from a "got to get around to that" viewpoint, but something that is built into your regular schedule. In addition to listing some tips to help technologists better prioritize training, Alton said that there are benefits beyond simply staying abreast of evolving technology. If you're the type who doesn't like to work with someone looking over your shoulder, for example, then consistent training offers increased freedom — the more you know, the more likely you are to be left alone to do your job.


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