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Certification Watch (Vol. 19, No. 49)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, (ISC)² has an early Christmas gift for concerned parents, Certification Magazine tells you how to start your own certification program, and more.

(ISC)² Offers Tips to Protect Young Owners of New Technology


Safety First'Tis the season for gifts that connect to the internet. Market research reveals that roughly 170 million holiday shoppers just in the United States plan to give at least one technology gift for Christmas this year. That's a lot of new devices, many of which will undoubtedly end up in the hands of children. With that in mind, cybersecurity industry association (ISC)² recently unveiled a 12 Days of Cyber Safety campaign via its charitable Center for Cyber Safety and Education. With more and more children receiving tablets, gaming consoles, smartphones and other devices as gifts, it's more important than ever before to properly educate kids and teens about both the importance and methods of staying safe online. The (ISC)² campaign includes a PDF tip sheet that summarizes 12 different steps parents and children can take together to ensure that young technology users stay safe while enjoying their new toys. Don't just assume that your kids are savvy about technology. Take a few minutes to be certain that their Christmas stays merry.


Cisco Discusses the Computer Network of Tomorrow — Today


Nobody can predict the future with complete accuracy. Just ask all of the pollsters who were predicting a Hillary Clinton electoral landslide, right up until early evening on Nov. 8. People who work with technology, on the other hand, often have a pretty reliable view of where we're headed, at least when it come to managing the increasingly complex releationship between man and his machines. Along those lines, there's an interesting "future of computer networking" piece posted this week at Cisco Learning Network's Taking Tech with Cisco blog. Learning@Cisco executive Tejas Vashi says that digitization and virtualization is radically reconfiguring the business realm. That's just one of the factors that indicate big changes are in store for networking professionals. It's not a time to get caught sitting complacently on the IT sidelines, and Vashi reports that Cisco is altering and improving its certifications to help networking pros keep pace. More than 800,000 individuals held jobs in IT networking just in the United States in 2015. If you're looking for reliable employment, then don't sleep on certification as a means of mastering new technologies.


Microsoft Learning Pitches New Training Tools for Azure Specialists


Speaking of new technology jobs, Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform is on the leading edge of the business technology wave. As more and more IT services are delivered and managed remotely via cloud computing, cloud solutions like Azure are quickly gaining in importance. Earlier this week, blogger Alison Cunard posted to Microsoft Learning's Born to Learn blog about the release of new training tools for those looking to master Azure. There are Azure MOOCs, Azure-focused Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exams, and even Azure digital badges. And while you have to pay to take exams and earn badges, it won't cost you even one thin dime to take an Azure MOOC. Those are free. If you're interested, then click over to this page for more details about available Azure education resources.


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