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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 15)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Microsoft's proprietary CRM and ERP software is now certifiable, Certification Magazine helps you sort through your Linux learning options, and more.

MCSE and MCSA Certification Now Available for Microsoft Dynamics


CRM employee with headsetAlmost every business that is in the business of doing business these days uses some form of Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) software. A reliable CRM tool is particularly important for companies that conduct most or all of their sales and marketing efforts online, but the magic of CRM is useful just about anywhere. Microsoft Dynamics is the software titan's signature product for both CRM and its close cousin Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). And there are now both MCSA and MCSE certifications available to aspiring (or existing) Dynamics experts who want to put a Microsoft stamp of approval on their skills. Dynamics falls under the Business Applications branch of the recently streamlined Microsoft certification tree. To certify your skills using Microsoft Dynamics 365, the latest version of Dynamics, you need to pass the usual (for Microsoft) handful of exams. There are two MSCA certifications available, and one at the MCSE level.


Artificial Intelligence Could Help Solve the Infosec Staffing Shortage


It's an open secret in both the IT realm and the wider business world that there are not enough skilled information security professionals to go around. Various solutions to the problem have been proposed, most of which focus on increased recruitment, whether of young aspiring professionals or IT-adept career switchers. According to at least one expert, however, there's a potential solution that doesn't involve humans at all. In a recent post to the ISACA Now Blog, CISO Gunter Ollmann of enterprise security solutions firm Vectra says that AI can be enlisted to improve cybersecurity. Ollmann says that advanced security personnel are often tied up dealing with mountains of minutiae that can be better addressed by smart technology. Products are already being developed, Ollmann says, that automate much of the needle-in-a-haystack sifting that, up until now, has required a human hand to guide it. Sounds like your jobs will be changing (albeit for the better), cybersecurity professionals.


Cisco Toots Service Provider Certification Horn


Among the many tiers of IT networking addressed in the Cisco certification pyramid, one that's often overlooked is the reliable and stable Service Provider (SP) track. Service Provider certification, available at the CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE levels, prepares candidates to work in the essential and far-flung realm of providing reliable internet service around the globe. A recent post to the Cisco Learning Network Certification and Labs Delivery Blog calls attention to this vital networking subgenre while suggesting that it offers a path to stable and vital IT employment. If you have an interest in networking, but you haven't yet settled on a career path, then Service Provider certification may be worth investigating.


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