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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 16)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, ISACA releases a new online training tool for cybersecurity professionals, Certiport launches new series of Microsoft coding and programming exams, and more.

ISACA Launches New Online Cybersecurity Training Platform


Computer security guy at desk with three monitorsDuring the presidential debate cycle at the end of 2016, then-candidate Donald J. Trump avowed the importance of better performance in the cybersecurity realm, telling moderator Lester Holt, "We have so many things that we have to do better, Lester, and certainly cyber is one of them." Now security and governance association ISACA is stepping in to support Trump's vision of better cyber with the launch of its new CSX Training Platform and Assessment Tool. Designed and built to facilitate hands-on learning in a simulated environment, the CSX Training Platform is available for use both by individuals and organizations. With round-the-clock access, the new platform provides a "live fire" arena where cyber-combatants can sharpen their skills by tackling real-world challenges. The training will doubtless help individuals tackle the growing CSX suite of security certifications, but those pursuing others security certification will doubtless benefit as well.


Tips for Success: How to Be Your Best Self on Social Media


It's become rare in the modern IT realm to be the one person at the office who is not on Facebook, doesn't have a Twitter account, and is not searchable on LinkedIn. If you wouldn't know an Instagram from a candygram, then the battle addressed this week at IT industry association CompTIA's IT Career News blog is already won. For the rest of us, however, the #StruggleIsReal. Social media management is fast becoming an integral part of career development. Would you be entirely at ease if you knew that a prospective employer was about to scan your Facebook postings, or follow you on Twitter? If you're not entirely certain, then it would probably be worth your time to mull over CompTIA blogger Emily Matzelle's laundry list of tips to brush up your online image. For example, what sorts of pictures should you post and not post? And what about sharing your political views? And does anyone really care whether or not your grammar is perfect on Twitter? Matzelle's answers may surprise (and inform) you.


Attention, Microsoft Certified Professionals! You May Already Be a Winner


Microsoft Learning has been eagerly embracing the world of digital badging for some time now, and the warm fuzzies are about to really burst forth. In a post this week to the Born To Learn Blog, ace psychometrician Liberty Munson said that Microsoft Learning's so-far limited foray into digital badging has been so well received that the program is being expanded. Effective immediately, passage of any Microsoft Certified Professional exam will confer a digital badge. That's right: security, ease of sharing, and all of the other benefits associated with digital badges are being extended to every Microsoft certification holder. The expansion includes anyone who already holds an active certification, so even if you earned you latest Microsoft credential some months (or even years) back, you may still soon have a digital badge coming your way. Keep an eye on your inbox!


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