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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 17)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, IT professionals need to develop more emotional intelligence, a new study suggests changing the way we think about cyberthreats, and more.

IT Professionals: Know Thyselves


Woman ostracized by coworkersAny hard-working IT professional can get a certification that first enlarges and then verifies his or her understanding of such tech disciplines as, say, networking, or cybersecurity. There are other important workplace skills, however, that can't be either learned or tested the same way. A large point of recent emphasis in this regard is the acquisiton of so-called "soft skills," and a brand new post to the IT Training blog at Training Industry suggests that emotional intelligence is a critical soft skill for IT professionals to master. Blogger Taryn Oesch refers readers to the groundbreaking work of psychologist Daniel Goleman, who divides "emotional intelligence" into four domains: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. The more that IT professionals become conversant in all four, Oesch argues, the better suited they will be to succeed and excel in the workplace. The post discusses some of the approaches and options available to thoughful IT professional anxious to improve their footing in these areas.


Cisco Certification Can Boost Your IoT Fluency


The Internet of Things (IoT), the emerging web of digital connectivity that is manifestly destined to tie together every person, place and thing in magical and beneficial harmony, is a numbers magnet. You may think you've heard all of the figures already, but the numbers change and new data points frequently emerge. In a recent post to Cisco Learning Network's Talking Tech with Cisco blog, product manager Dan Chan discusses some of the newest eye-opening calcuations. To wit, it's been forecast that the IoT will generate $12 trillion worth of economic value by 2022. Or how about this one: By 2020, the amount invested to bring the IoT into being will total $751 billion. Just three years ago, the total investment in IoT infrastructere had only climbed to an estimated $80 billion. Cisco wants to enable IT professionals to carve out their own slice of that impressively lucrative pie, and Cisco certification has become increasingly geared to acquainting networking techs with the skills needed to fill the project 1.4 million IoT-related job openings that will soon be available. Don't delay, networking specialists: Get certified today.


Where in the United States of IT Salary Do You Live?


An engaging output of the annual Salary Survey done by Certification Magazine is the benchmarking of IT salary by U.S. state. A substantial majority of the several thousand certified IT professionals to take the salary each year live and work in the United States, so the CertMag data wranglers are able to generate an impressive breadth of information about the average income of tech workers in each U.S. state. How much do you earn? And could you maybe up that figure (at least potentially) by moving to a different state? You can get a rough feel for the numbers by clicking over to and checking out the informaiton posted there.


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