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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 3)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Certification Magazine knows how much your boss makes, Microsoft Learning drops off at Golden Acres Old Certs Home, and more.

Certification Magazine Talks About Fight Club


Salary comparison cartoonThe first rule of professional income is that you don't talk about anyone's professional income. Right? It's just one of those things that well-bred individuals understand is off limits in polite conversation. Most of us would be no more likely to walk into a roomful of coworkers and ask how much money everyone makes than we would be to walk into that same room and announce our presence with a loud and prolonged emission of flatulence. At the end of last week, however, the good people at Certification Magazine dipped into the well of knowledge from their recently completed annual Salary Survey and listed the average annual salary of survey respondents by job title. The short article has some interesting information about the cross-section of certified IT professionals who completed the survey, and draws on that cross-section to offer some generalizations about IT job titles and their corresponding salaries. You don't even need to ask your coworkers any uncomfortable questions to compare salaries. All you need to know is the (generally speaking) job title of the guy in the next office.


New Online Review Course Available for Popular ISACA Cert


A certification exam can be a momentous undertaking, especially for the seat-of-the-pants test taker who has not properly prepared. There are many different options available to those hoping to gain a little edge as their exam day approaches. One excellent exam prep tactic is to consult official review materials prepared by the certifying authority. After all, who's likely to know more about the exam and its contents than the people responsible for creating it? In that vein, it seems natural to direct the attention of prospective ISACA exam candidates to the announcement this week of a new online review course for CISA, ISACA's popular Certified Information Systems Auditor credential. The course has been in development since April 2016, and is scheduled for release in late January. So if you're hoping to become CISA-certified in 2017, don't proceed without taking the measure of this excellent resource.


CompTIA to Exam Candidates: Know Thy Learning Style


While we're talking about exam preparation, IT industry association CompTIA has some friendly advice for prospective exam takers: Don't rush into your next cycle of studying and test taking without first figuring out what kind of learner you are. Knowing how you learn best makes it easier to sort through which resources you should use when tackling new material. Lots of people have attempted to classify learning styles in recent years, and CompTIA has pinned down four styles tailored to fit curious IT professionals. Under CompTIA's model, you are most likely either a Trial and Error Explorer, a Self-Paced Scrutinizer, an Attentive Scholar, or a Hands-on Architect. In addition to describing each style, CompTIA has a quiz to help indecisive types self-classify. So go ahead and put yourself in a box: It could be the key to passing your next certification exam!


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