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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 35)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CertMag questions whether Big Data is forever, ISACA launches an initiative to increase the presence of women in IT leadership roles, and more.

What to Do With All This Data?


Digital mountainsThe mountains of data that you frequently read about in discussions of Big Data are, for the moment, still figurative in nature. While our ability to harvest raw data has seen explosive growth, however, our ability to create more efficient and capacious storage media has not kept pace. So eventually we're either going to have literal mountains of storage media to go along with those figurative massifs everyone loves to visualize ... or, you know, maybe we'll have to start deleting some stuff. Silly cat pictures, for example. This intriguing eventuality of needing to curb the world's appetite for data is discussed in an article from the summer edition of Certification Magazine that's newly available online at Everyone from corporations to governments has been racing to accumulate and store data — and analyze it, yes, we're going to get around to that — for quite some time. It's kind of amazing this (still somewhat theoretical) problem hasn't come up sooner.


ISACA CEO: Cybersecurity Skills Gap Mandates Smarter Approach to Workforce Development


The world needs more skilled cybersecurity professionals. There's a hacker here, there, and everywhere you look, data breaches are popping up like weeds, and malware attacks evolve every day. Meanwhile businesses, governments, organizations, and other entities are all desparate to add cybersecurity staff. Matt Loeb, CEO of security and governance association ISACA, which curates some of the top infosec certifications in the industry, says that we all need to think differently about creating the needed supply of workers. In a recent post to the ISACA Now Blog, Loeb says that several steps must be taken to build a better cybersecurity workforce. Among his recommendations, for example, is a shift to cybersecurity training that emphasizes hands-on skills over memorized facts. Many certification providers (Loeb makes particular mention of ISACA's own new CSX credentials) have already begun to emphasize skills-based learning, so perhaps help will be on the way sooner than we think.


Select Oracle Certification Exams Offered Free of Charge at Annual Conference


It's tough to beat the low, low price of $0.00 to take a certification exam. Take our word for it, we've looked around, and there's just not that much out there that beats paying nothing. Theoretically, at least, someone could start paying fortunate individuals to take a certification exam, but that particular trend doesn't seem to have really caught on, unless you count employer incentives to get certified. At any rate, $0.00 is a pretty good deal, and if you'll be attending the Oracle OpenWorld 2017 convention in San Francisco Oct. 1-5, then it's worth considering whether you might be sufficiently studied up to grab an Oracle certification at the same time. There are more than 80 exams available to official conference attendees free of charge, so make some sort of Note to Self is you enjoy saving money.


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