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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 36)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA shares tips on becoming a certified helpdesk technician, ISACA says spending trends reveal the growing important of cybersecurity job roles, and more.

So You Want to Be the Helpdesk Guy


SB fixes JGs computerThere are perhaps fewer IT jobs that are both less glamorous and more essential than the role of helpdesk technician. Let's be honest: Most of the people in a given organization don't know nearly as much about the hardware, systems, and software that they work with as just about anyone who's ever been a helpdesk professional. And yet there's still a widespread perception of the "computer guy" as being some sort of modern-day genie: essentially a lowly slave expected to both remain out of sight and be at the continual beck and call of anyone who needs something done. If you still think that you want to be the guy who fixes other people's computer problems, however, then IT industry association CompTIA offers some hard data about helpdesk technicians in a new post this week to the IT Career News blog. You can find out typical duties of the position, salary data, employment outlook, and more. Also, CompTIA A+ is an excellent certification to pursue for aspiring helpdesk techs.


Linux Foundation Issues Open Source Jobs Report


The ubiquity of Linux operating systems in enterprise-grade computer networks means that there continue to be pleny of employment opportunities for skilled Linux professionals. Some variation of Linux is likely to be the backbone of just about every high-powered, heavy duty computer network out there, so if you know your stuff, then you can find a job. The Linux Foundation and IT employment facilitator Dice have teamed up for the sixth year to issue a wide-ranging Linux employment report. The overall outlook is highly favorable: Out of all employers surveyed, 89 percent are having trouble hiring qualified Linux professionals, and 58 percent say there's an escalating need to fill open Linux positions. So if you've got Linux skills and you're looking for work, then quite a few potential employers are hoping to meet with you. Linux developers are most highly sought after, but there's also competition to hire DevOps engineers, systems administrators, cloud specialists, and security specialists.


Oracle to IT Professionals: Our Certs Have Staying Power


Speaking of sought-after computing skills and hard-to-fill IT jobs, Oracle Certification would like a word with apsiring IT professionals about those hot topics. Oracle's database software is used around the world to meet a variety of needs, and the right Oracle certification can certainly get you involved in urgent  employment negotiations. A new post to the Oracle Certification Blog this week outlines three jobs roles recently listed by Forbes as being among the "toughest jobs to fill" for 2017. The three positions discusses are data scientist, software engineer, and information security analyst, and blogger Eva Chase says that Oracle has certifications addressing all three that can get your résumé more eager attention than a peach pie at a Labor Day picnic.


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