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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 39)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Pluralsight wants to help your measure your IT proficiency, Oracle has better digital badges (not badgers), and more.

Pluralsight Releases New IT Proficiency Assessment Suite


CW 9 27 kids in helmetsSo you think you're hot stuff when it comes to possessing both the IT acumen and the individual expertise to get stuff done in the workplace. Training provider Pluralsight wants to help back up your bluster — by taking the temperature of those supposedly sizzlin' skills. The Utah-based company, which operates an online IT assessment and education platform, says research has shown that tech professionals need to be continually sharpening their skills to remain both effective and employable. So how can you tell whether you game has slipped? Pluralsight, using its Pluralsight IQ assessment tool, as well as other analytic and assessment media, can tell you exactly how much mustard there still is on the ol' fastball, as well as what you can do to get back to tip-top flamethrowing fitness levels. (Note: That was a sports analogy. If you actually need to know how that staus of your baseball pitching prowess, talk to a guy with a radar gun.)


Pump Up Your Security Skills at Microsoft Virtual Academy


In 2017, everything a hacker can find online is a target — including your employer. It's not enought to have a little cybersecurity muscle on the bones of your résumé. If you're a working IT professional, then you need a gym membership. You don't necessarily need to be setting a new PR every time you pick up a stack, but regular workouts are the order of the day. To help you get the pain-and-gain cycle rolling, Microsoft Learning has created a new Security for IT Pros learning path at Microsoft Virtual Academy. The self-paced series includes roughly 11 hours' worth of video tutorials, demos, and quizzes and exams. Work your way through the entire outline and you can earn a digital badge, to say nothing of the fact that you'll be more valuable to your current employer (as well as any future employers), and less likely to be the person whose everyday blunder generates some unfortunate news headlines.


CompTIA and Its Start-to-Finish Cybersecurity Mastery Plan


Everyone who works in IT, or really who works anywhere, has some level of responsibility for company cybersecurity. That's just the world we live in now. There is a clear and present need, on the other hand, for full-time security professionals. So if you want to do more with cybersecurity than just work out a little (see previous item), then IT industry association CompTIA's Cybersecurity Career Pathway is worthy of consideration. CompTIA has, in recent years, put a lot of effort into building its portfolio of cybersecurity certifications. The Cybersecurity Career Pathway represents the fruit of those labors, marking out a step-by-step progression from IT novice to qualified and job-ready cybersecurity expert. There are lots of programs that let you pick-and-choose the building blocks of  your cybersecurity résumé, but CompTIA is staking out some new ground by laying out a program to create fully-formed cybersecurity professionals.


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