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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 40)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Certification Magazine has docked the good ship Salary Survey and is now boarding passengers, ISACA offers network security tips, and more.

Take the CertMag Salary Survey, Get a Free (or Discounted) Subscription


Take the Certification Magazine Salary Survey!The annual Salary Survey conducted by Certification Magazine is here. If you have at least one current IT certification, then you can go take the survey right now. Each year the CertMag teams collects salary information and other employment data from thousands of certified IT professionals. After the survey ends, the numbers are duly crunched, and then the data start to flow back out into the world, bringing to light various conditions and trends that exist in the realm where most of us (we and anyone reading these words) spend several hours of our time each day. You can get more out of participating in the survey, however, than just the warm glow of having contributed to the betterment of IT through helping to create new salary information. Everyone who completes the survey can pick either or both of two rewards: 1) a FREE 1-year subscription to the digital edition of Certification Magazine, and/or 2) a 1-year print subscription at 40 percent off the normal cost $20. Let's face it, with incentives that awesome, how can you afford NOT to take the survey?


CompTIA Outlines Five Things to Know About Working in IT


In many ways, a tech career is like any other career. You deal with a lot of the same workplace conditions and interactions as you would find in many other business settings. From the outside looking in, however, tech is surrounded by its own barrier of preconceptions and assumptions that can sometimes be hard to penetrate. That's where IT industry association CompTIA comes in, or at least where they come in this week. In a new post to the IT Career News blog, contributor Debra McCraw addresses five common misconceptions that may have kept you at arm's length from IT in the past. For one thing, you don't have to move to Califormia, and get a home near Silicon Valley with an earthquake insurance ride to work in IT. In 2017, IT is pretty much everywhere, and there are tech jobs with great salaries scattered across the United States. You also don't have to have a computer science degree from a university to be a valuable IT contributor. There are many paths to IT employment, and not all of them require a bachelor's (or master's) degree. Check out McCaw's piece for other intriguing observations.


Microsoft Adds New Tracks to Microsoft Professional Program


As many of your already know, the Microsoft Professional Program is a bold undertaking launched in 2016 by Microsoft to address the much-discussed and broadly alarming IT skills gap. In a nutshell Microsoft is partnering with various U.S. colleges and universities to create rigorous IT training programs that can help aspiring technologists either train for a career in IT, or reskill to complete the transition to IT from some other professional background. The initial focus of the MPP gang was the exploding Big Data realm, but Microsoft Learning has worked hard to expand the scope of the program, and announced two new technology tracks this week. Effective immediately, you can dive into DevOps and Cloud Administration. Both are IT niches with abundant employment opportunity, so this could be your ticket to a sweet IT gig.


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