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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 43)

The Big Bad Data Breach: Is Your Organization Next?


Skull on laptop hackAfter a big data breach occurs — and 2017 has brought us some real whoppers — security specialists and observers in "prophet of doom" mode often warn so-far untarnished IT onlookers that they'll get what's coming to them (from various IT-enabled bad actors) soon enough. Is it really true, however, that hackers are coming for every single organization and that there's no real way to keep them out? Actually, the answer is a qualified "yes," although it's probably not for the reasons you may be thinking. It's not that corporate hacking is an unbeatable juggernaut (or at least not yet). Over at the ISACA Now Blog, security assurance professional Jason Baczynski says that preventing breaches is entirely possible, and not even beyond the reach of most, if not all, organizations. Unfortunately, as Baczynski sees it, the financial incentives for organizations to take data protection seriously are not as intimidating as you might suppose. Fines, CEO firings, and modest stock market losses, he says, are not nearly enough of a doomsday scenario to spur companies to really take action. How's that for a fat dose of pessimism about the world on a Wednesday afternoon in National Cyber Security Awareness Month?


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