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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 50)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, (ISC)² enthusiastically endorses a new source for certification information, select Microsoft Learning exams are (still) available online, and more.

(ISC)² Joins Forces with Credential Engine


There's a new source for online certification information.The world of IT certification is vast and complex. For their most recent Salary Survey, the good folks at  Certification Magazine listed more than 900 different IT credentials. That's a lot of certifications to keep track of and differentiate among, so the effort now being made by a nonprofit organization known as Credential Engine is impressive, to say the least. Credential Engine, with participation from IT certification programs  —  now including global cybersecurity association (ISC)²  — wants to make it easier for certification candidates to find reliable and helpful information about certifications. The site is also intended to help educate and inform individuals (as well as the tech community at large) about the value and potential of certification. For now, ( ISC)² has only listed its popular CISSP cert with Credential Registry, but has plans to provide information about all (ISC)² certs in the near future. In a statement to media announcing the partnership, ISC)²  spokesman Casey Marks said, "Credential Engine is a valuable resource for anyone looking for a simple way to research a wide range of professional credentials, and we support their efforts to create a common, standardized lexicon for credentials."


CompTIA Revisits 2017 Happenings


It's that time of year — namely the last couple of weeks prior to Dec. 31  when everyone reflects on the awesome stuff that they did in the preceding twelve months. We here at GoCertify got in on the action Monday with a list of our most popular IT certification quizzes of 2017. (And we have a couple of more where that came from.) At the end of last week, tech industry association CompTIA took a few bows of its own, with a list, posted to the IT Career News blog, of "10 Things CompTIA Did in 2017". Among those 10 things are updates to major certifications (Security+ and Project+), the release of a new certification (CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst, or CSA+), and the relaunch and rebranding of the Association of Information Technology Professionals, or AITP (now CompTIA AITP). It's been a busy year, and some of the items on CompTIA's list could impact (or may already have impacted) many an average IT professional. If you're a certified IT professional, then it's more likely than not that there's good information of one sort or anotherfor you on that list.


Cisco Invites Networking Pros to 'Join the Hybrid Engineer Movement'


If there's something new or developing in the realm of IT networking, then Cisco is likely to already have some sort of involvement in whatever it is. This past week, it's a trend toward what Cisco is calling "hybrid engineers." The basic idea, as set forth in a post to the Learning News blog at Cisco Learning Network, is that network engineers need to be familiar with both traditional networking and the incoming wave or programmable networks. If you aren't yet very familiar with software-defined networking, or SDN, well, that's going to need to change. For the benefit of those interested in doubling their IT networking skill set, Cisco has a series of free one-hour webinars (registration required) on tap to roll over the next three months (the first of them, in fact, will be here this week). If you've been searching high and low for a cost-effective introduction to SDN, then this could be your moment to get locked and loaded.


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