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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 6)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, you have to spend big to get trained and certified in style, Oracle weighs in about the top tech skills for 2017, and more.

A Certification and Training Environment Fit for a King


King of ITCertain things in life cost money. Disposable razors. A new Maserati. Tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway. (Yes, disposable razors. Go talk to the guys at Harry's about #FirstWorldProblems.) Certification is one of those things that's comparatively pricey to begin with. If you think your last online course from TestOut or CBT Nuggets was expensive, however, then brace yourself from serious sticker shock. U.K. IT training provider Firebrand is currently offering IT security training that will set you back a cool $275K (or thereabouts). Before you blow your top about the price tag, however, consider the benefits: As explained in a recent Certification Magazine article, Firebrand really brings the bells and whistles, transporting you to a castle by helicopter to train and study while reaping the benefits of a diet managed by your own personal chef. Not only that, you'll even meet one-on-one with an expert invigilator. So if it's between a house and mortgage and a really cool IT training and certification experience, well, talk to your boss. Maybe the company will pick up the tab for this one.


Sharpen Your CISA Study with New Review Course


What do more than 126,000 people worldwide know more about than you? What don't they, am I right? But seriously, folks, unless you already hold the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) credential from global security and governance association ISACA, then there are at least 126,000 people in the world who know more about auditing information systems than you do. Why should you care? According to Certification Magazine, in 2016 those more than 126,000 CISA-certified individuals clocked their average annual salary at $126,540. If you're looking to catch up to the crowd, however, then there's an excellent new resource available. Earlier this week, ISACA announced the release of a new self-paced online review course. The creatively named CISA Online Review Course was purpose-designed by ISACA to be an ideal exam refresher. So if you're presently sweating it out preparing for one of the ISACA exam windows, then don't delay and charge up your brain with the best review materials on the market.


Seven of the Top 10 Best Jobs in America Are IT Jobs


We here at Certification Watch have been preaching about the benefits of working in IT for years. For one thing, there's the benefits — employer-provided benefits, that is. Many IT companies provide excellent benefits such as medical insurance, training and certification assistance, and more. The salaries tend to be good, the work is often challenging and invigorating, and IT employment generally encourages (and often facilitates) continuous learning and education. A recent report from employment facilitator Glassdoor, however, offers hard evidence. The company rated the 50 Best Jobs in America, and seven of 10 highest rated jobs are IT jobs. CompTIA followed up the Glassdoor reveal with a post to its IT Career News Blog, that offers tips for IT pros interested in charting a path to one of those top-rated jobs.


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